West Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Poneh Ghasri, Offers Snap-On Smile

Apr 09, 2013, 10:00 ET from Dr. Poneh Ghasri

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A gorgeous smile does not have to take multiple dentist appointments or painful shots, uncomfortable drilling and lengthy procedures. Dr. Poneh Ghasri, West Hollywood dentist, is now offering Snap-On Smile, which can instantly improve the appearance of a smile.

Snap-On Smile uses high-tech dental resin to provide patients with remarkably thin, strong, natural-looking smiles. It can be used to correct teeth that are stained, crooked, chipped or gapped and to conceal the appearance of missing teeth. It can be ideal for those who are not candidates for other dental procedures, such as dental implants or bridges, and it is easy to maintain. Whether patients need upper, lower or both arches corrected, Dr. Ghasri, West Hollywood dentist, can use Snap-On Smile to provide fast, effective solutions. Patients who are interested in Snap-On Smile can help design their new smiles at their initial consultation, during which they will also undergo dental impressions. In less than a month, they will have their new smile.

Other smile-perfecting treatments are also available. West Hollywood Invisalign provider, Dr. Ghasri, can use Invisalign aligners to correct misalignments subtly and comfortably. Clear plastic trays are used to move teeth gently into position without the need for uncomfortable wires and unsightly brackets. Zoom whitening is also a popular option. Coffee, cola, tea, wine and nicotine can leave unattractive stains on teeth, but teeth whitening uses a powerful, prescription-strength bleach to lift them away.

Dental veneers may be an alternative to teeth whitening or Invisalign for some patients. Porcelain veneers fit seamlessly over the fronts of teeth to enhance their appearance or conceal defects. Lumineers are a specific brand of veneers that require little or no enamel preparation but offer a long-lasting restoration. In some cases, West Hollywood dentist, Dr. Ghasri may recommend dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth.

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Dr. Poneh Ghasri, West Hollywood dental veneers specialist, graduated from UCLA with a degree in neuroscience. She went on to achieve her DDS from UCLA School of Dentistry and has since completed several advanced courses in the fields of cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

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