Westside Medical Associates of Los Angeles: A Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care Center

Jun 08, 2010, 08:00 ET from Westside Medical Associates

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Westside Medical Associates of Los Angeles and Westside Medical Imaging (WMI) located in Beverly Hills are pleased to announce their selection to be a pioneering site for non-contrast enhanced high-resolution magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) by GE Healthcare. Inhance Inflow IR is a new non-contrast application developed by GE Healthcare that offers exquisite image quality without the use of a contrast agent such as gadolinium and without the need for a breath hold or intravenous line. This also allows for more rapid image acquisition cutting scan times by 50% or more minimizing patient discomfort, particularly in those prone to claustrophobia.  This NO-CONTRAST MR imaging technique has particular utility in acquiring 3-D images of the renal, brain, abdominal and peripheral vasculature.

According to Drs. Norman Lepor and Hooman Madyoon, co-directors of Imaging at WMI and nationally recognized authorities on contrast induced acute kidney injury, the NO-CONTRAST Inhance acquisition protocols to have particular utility in patients with chronic kidney disease.  According to Dr. Lepor, "patients with chronic kidney disease due to diabetes and hypertension are at high risk for vascular disease and its complications including stroke, abdominal aneurysm and renovascular hypertension.  Concerns about complications of CT and MR contrast agents in patients with compromised renal function including contrast induced acute renal injury and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis have limited the ability to perform indicated vascular imaging. This veil has now been lifted."  According to Dr. Elliot Kolin, Director of Radiology at WMI, "the Inhance Inflow IR uses the in-flow effect to image arterial blood flow using inversion pulses to suppress signals from the stationary structures and venous flow leaving a brisk arterial signal. This NO-CONTRAST protocol provides imaging quality that is superior to conventional contrast utilizing studies."

Westside Medical Imaging is a pioneer in cardiac, vascular and body imaging. Dr. Gerald Pohost, the internationally renowned pioneer in cardiac MR and Director of Cardiac Imaging at WMI is spearheading development of protocols to enhance cardiac MR imaging capabilities. If you have any questions, please contact WMI at (310)- 289-9955 or check our website at www.wmala.com.

SOURCE Westside Medical Associates