What Do Cats Really Think?


Sonya Fitzpatrick and TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats Conduct World's First Cat Survey

Sep 19, 2011, 10:49 ET from TEMPTATIONS

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats and well-known animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick announced today the results from the world's first-ever attempted cat survey, uncovering the truth about what cats really think.

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Sonya Fitzpatrick – best known for her television series on Animal Planet and her current SiriusXM show Animal Intuition – was eager to accept the challenge of creating the world's first cat survey with TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats.

"Everyone wants to know what their cat is really thinking, and that's why I teamed up with TEMPTATIONS for this program," said Sonya Fitzpatrick. "People are starting to understand that pets do have a language and are always trying to communicate with us, just like in any interpersonal relationship. This survey gave me the opportunity to connect with many cats at one time to get a better understanding of how they think and give pet owners the real scoop."

Cat got your tongue, yet?

So what are cats' biggest pet peeves? Their favorite pastime? When do they like to be treated? After working with 250 cats for the survey, Sonya Fitzpatrick came away with the answers – straight from the cat's mouth.

To compile the survey, pet owners were asked to submit photos of their cats to the TEMPTATIONS Facebook page. From the entries, 250 winning photos were selected for readings with Sonya Fitzpatrick. Sonya Fitzpatrick then asked the cats by looking at their photo and using telepathic communication the following four questions cat owners have always wanted answered:


What is your favorite thing to do?  

Cats are pretty lazy, right?  These cats said no way, with 52 percent responding that staying on the move and roaming around the house is their favorite thing to do. And don't bother leaving the TV on for them, only 1.6 watch TV as a favorite pastime.

"Instead of leaving your cat to roam alone, try playing games that involve being on the move like hide and seek with him or her," said Fitzpatrick. "Rewarding your cat with a treat when he or she plays nicely may encourage good behavior and help you to build a better relationship with your cat."


What is your biggest pet peeve?

You probably guessed that dogs reigned supreme on the list, but guess again. Close to 50 percent of cats surveyed actually said getting wet was their biggest annoyance. And even though your cat may prefer to stay on the move throughout the day, don't even think about waking them up when they're napping - 29 percent surveyed chose being woken up from a nap as their biggest frustration.


How often do you like being treated?

Cats surveyed said they enjoyed getting treats as part of their daily routine, but only 1.6 percent of cats wanted those treats right after a meal or just before bed. When asked at what time they would like a treat, Fitzpatrick discovered almost half (45 percent) answered "right about now would be nice," followed by "always" at 28 percent.  

"Just like humans, cats like to be rewarded with love and treats.  Giving your cat a treat reinforces your positive feelings for them and is a way for you to positively interact with your cat," said Fitzpatrick.  


What is your favorite thing to do with your human?

While napping may not be their favorite activity of the day, more than half (52 percent) said their favorite way to spend time with their human is to snuggle up and catch some zzzzz together.

From cat behavior to health in kittens, TEMPTATIONS treats are all about treating your cat right and providing an easy and delicious way to create a special moment with your cat, which was the main goal of the survey.

"The TEMPTATIONS brand is all about helping cat owners have a better relationship with their cats, from something as simple as treating to helping them try to understand what their cats are really thinking," said Kimmra Hingher, TEMPTATIONS brand manager. "Enlisting Sonya Fitzpatrick to help conduct this survey was a unique and interactive way to help answer cat owners' age-old questions – and the response has been overwhelming positive. People really had fun with it."

Cats love treating, and cats especially love TEMPTATIONS, a one of a kind, patented treat that's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, allowing cats to get the best of both worlds. For more information, visit www.Facebook.com/Temptations.

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Over the past ten years, Fitzpatrick has worked with thousands of animals and their human friends to work through issues and overcome obstacles. Her clients include everyday people and celebrities alike, and her extensive work helping animals handle adversity has distinguished her as an expert in the field of animal communication. Fitzpatrick is the author of two books on animal communication and behavior, The Pet Psychic: What the Animals Tell Me and Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating with Your Cat, and is currently working on her third book on animals passing over.  The Pet Psychic, a television series hosted by Sonya, aired on Animal Planet and a new pilot, Pet Psychic Encounters, aired on the same network last year.  Sonya also hosts Animal Intuition, a radio show on XM-Sirius.  In addition to the various lectures and seminars Sonya conducts throughout the year, she also does private readings for clients. Sonya has also consulted with such organizations as the ASPCA and rescue organizations on pet therapy, locating lost pets and animal behavior. Sonya lives in Texas with her 7 cats, 5 dogs and 3 frogs.  For more information, visit www.sonyafitzpatrick.com.