What Happens When Nothing Works?

Cyber-terrorism is an imminent threat; attacks are widespread, disruptive and hard to prevent.

Dec 07, 2010, 12:30 ET from The Enterprise Group

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The Chinese Conspiracy: Cyber Warfare Against America

Imagine the panic if everything controlled by computers stops working—all at once.  Phones don't work; email doesn't work; radio & TV don't work; the Internet doesn't work. Air traffic systems, electronic banking, global positioning systems and satellite communications all stop working.  How would anyone, including law enforcement and Homeland Security, figure out what happened, who's causing it, or what to do?

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John Mariotti's new novel, The Chinese Conspiracy describes this scenario.  Worse yet, the novel's technology is all known and accessible to cyber-terrorists.  If nation-states are behind the malware attacks, what should America do?  Can it do anything to an enemy it cannot identify?  As with the Stuxnet worm, cyber-attacks can't easily be tracked to sources, and are even harder to retaliate against.

"A Global Conspiracy Thriller as Compelling as The Manchurian Candidate."

Richard S. Levick, CEO of Levick Strategic Communications says, "Not since The Manchurian Candidate have I read such a compelling thriller about global conspiracy. But Mariotti goes much further, linking his masterfully fast-paced narrative to the clear and present danger of total cyber war. This is a call to action that society must answer now."

Chinese Government Cyber Attack to Control America

The villains—high-ranking Chinese government Information Technology officials—launch a Cyber-attack as part of an evil scheme to dominate China and control America.  The scenarios described are "…so realistically possible they are scary," says TV personality Bo Dietl, a retired, highly decorated NYPD Detective.  These WMD's—Weapons of Mass Disruption— can devastate a country with never an explosion. Retired Sr. CIA Program Manager Paul Broadbent says it bluntly, "This is a glimpse into warfare of the future. …and but a preview of things to come."  

This story has been unfolding for a decade. Tens of millions of computers have been successfully hacked—including systems at the Pentagon, the U. S. Dept. of Defense, the U. S. Army and more. Mariotti concludes, "I hope people will read The Chinese Conspiracy and spread the message it carries.  We must raise awareness that we are unprepared for Cyber-threats and don't know how to prevent or counter them."


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