What Twilight Team Do You Belong To?

It may be a matter of your personality, according to Mindset Media study

Jun 24, 2010, 11:05 ET from Mindset Media

NEW YORK, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Mindset Media (www.mindset-media.com), the makers of the world's first and only psychographic ad technology, today released the results of a survey on the personality traits of Twilight fans.

Think the only thing that divides Team Edward from Team Jacob fans is a love of werewolves over vampires?  Of Robert Pattinson over Taylor Lautner?  Well, think again.  As it turns out, your personality may play a big role in role in which team you are drawn to.

From an online study of 2,000 people, Mindset Media discovered that fans of Team Edward have a distinctly different set of psychographic traits than those who are loyal to Team Jacob.  

"The diehard fans of each team share the personality traits of the character they support," said Stephanie Wang, Director of Business Development at Mindset Media.

According to the study, fans of Team Edward scored high in three distinct personality traits:

  • Creativity

Highly creative people are inventive and imaginative.  They are emotionally sensitive and intellectually curious, which may explain why they are drawn to Edward and his love of the arts.

  • Responsibility

Highly responsible people follow through and get the job done.  They are known for being dependable, much like Edward and his eternal devotion to Bella.

  • Perfectionism

People who score high in perfectionism want everything to be just so.  They don’t care for imperfections, much like Edward waiting to find his perfect counterpart.

On the other hand, fans of Team Jacob scored high in the following personality traits:

  • Pugnaciousness

Highly pugnacious people are unafraid to tell others what they think of them: good, bad or indifferent. They value honesty and bluntness, making it easy to relate to Jacob and his willingness to pick fights -- with mortals and vampires alike!

  • Impulsiveness

Highly impulsive people like to do things first and consider the consequences later.  They may find it easy to relate to Jacob for and his love of reckless activities like motorcycling or cliff diving.

  • Spontaneity

People who score high in spontaneity like to fly by the seat of their pants – just like Jacob and his tendency to be there for Bella at the drop of a hat.  

"Personality drives our preference in films, cars, even toothpaste," said JB Brokaw, Executive Director of Market Development at Mindset Media. "We hope our survey results offer an interesting perspective on the Twilight characters, and ultimately on the fans of the series as well."  

So -- Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Discover what your personality says... Visit www.twilightpersonalitytest.com and take the survey to find out.

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