What Was a Yacht Polish Doing at an Auto Show?

Sea-Shield's® Luxury Yacht Cleansers and Polishes Huge Hit at World-Renowned SEMA Auto Show

Nov 13, 2013, 03:17 ET from Sea-Shield

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The SEMA Show is the premier automobile trade event in the world. It showcases some of the hottest, most innovative products in the auto industry, but this year one company that stole the show wasn't built around autos at all… it's a yacht polish specialist called Sea-Shield®. So just what was a yacht company doing at an auto show? Creating quite a stir with three crossover products that had attendees — especially luxury car owners — lining up to learn more.

Sea-Shield's line of products was originally designed to protect and add a deep, glass-like shine to multi-million-dollar mega-yachts. But after some of the company's yacht clients were so impressed with Sea-Shield's results that they began using the polishing system on their luxury cars, the company decided to start exploring its options in the auto industry. "Think about it," says Sea-Shield Founder and Owner Francisco Linares. "Boats and yachts face the absolute harshest environment to an external finish: constant wind, sun, and salt. Automobiles have it relatively easy by comparison."

Three of Sea-Shield's products were especially popular at the SEMA show: Exhaust Guard™, Nano Fresh™ and Buffing Lube™. "Exhaust Guard is perfect for any automobile," says Linares. "It's a powerful, polymer-based surface sealant that was designed to not only protect an exterior finish and repel black streaks, but to give a deep, mirror-like shine. And if it works on 200-foot yachts that produce vast amounts of exhaust, imagine what it can do for your car."

Nano Fresh acts as a dual cleaner plus surface protectant that helps repel pollution and dirt to keep your car looking cleaner, longer. Show attendees were really excited about Nano Fresh, because it's so versatile. You can use it on your paint, your leather, your wood, your tires, your chrome, your glass… everything.

And show attendees who work in the auto industry were buzzing about Sea-Shield's Buffing Lube, which adds lubrication to polishes to help keep them from drying out prematurely, to help prevent machine swirls, and to help polishes work even better.

"The interest in these products was quite overwhelming," says Fred Miller, International Drag Racing Hall of Fame member who's spent nearly 40 years in the racing and auto industry, and who attended SEMA. "SEMA attendees are really savvy when it comes to detailing high-end cars, and when they saw what Sea-Shield products can do — especially when they watched the demo on a Bentley-GT at the show — they were fascinated." Miller adds, "And it wasn't just the polishing capabilities people were interested in. They also loved seeing how easy Sea-Shield products are to use."

Retailers were also excited about Buffing Lube and Exhaust Guard, because they're not only completely unique, they also work with virtually any other product line. "This is good news for retailers," says Linares, "because these products are add-ons. Customers won't be choosing them over a product that retailers are already carrying in their stores; they'll purchase them in addition to the polishes and cleansers they're already buying. At the end of the day, that translates into extra money in the cash register."

For more information on SEA-SHIELD® or to purchase the full line of products, visit www.TrySeaShield.com or call 1-800-466-4762. For information on distribution or to become a wholesaler, call 1-800-913-8412.

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