What's Next for Europe's Future Gas Demand?

May 10, 2013, 06:00 ET from DMG Events (UK) Ltd

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EAGC 2013 Explores what Future Demand Will Look Like

What's next for Europe's future gas demand? Just one of the critical questions being asked of energy business leaders at this year's European Autumn Gas Conference in Brussels.

The EAGC 2013 two-day programme, released today, will address a number of issues that form a vital response to the shifting industry environment such as regulation, commercial agreements, infrastructure investment, and perhaps most critically, new areas of demand that will help secure Europe's gas market in upcoming years.

At last year's EAGC in Vienna, the European gas industry found itself facing a variety of challenges, particularly with a more challenging demand outlook. As a result, the industry is invited to gather at EAGC 2013 in Brussels, hosted by Eni, to explore the theme "Back to the Future: What Lies Below?"

Among confirmed speakers are board-level and senior representatives from GDF Suez, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, BP Gas Europe, Total, BG Group, E.ON Global Commodities, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Fluxys, Societe Generale, Gasunie, Allianz Capital Partners, Wood Mackenzie, CMX Caspian and Gulf Consultants and Gas Strategies.

James Ball, Director, Gas Strategies, the programme Chairman, explains the thinking behind this year's theme:

"Back to the Future: What Lies Below?" - that sums it up really. Europe's gas business is less at a cross roads, more a turning point in its long evolution. Peel back the surface of the competing energy agendas in Europe and gas is always the backstop, the friend in need. Is this good enough to attract investment? Can't we do much better? Surely! And that is the aim of this year's agenda in Brussels.

"We'll be exploring today's main gas market challenges, with an important focus on what future gas demand will look like. We'll be asking of the gas industry majors and Europe's governmental energy advisors, how they plan to address the critical commercial issues impacting our business and identify new avenues to secure its future survival. Attendees will find a thought-provoking and comprehensive outlook to take our gas business forward."

EAGC 2013 Programme Agenda

Day One - Tuesday 12th November

SESSION 1: European Gas - The Ever More Buffeting Winds of Context

Explore the context that European gas is currently operating within, including the shifting energy mix in Europe and the ultimate game changer - North American unconventional resources.

SESSION 2: Regulation: Ten Years of Progress, Now What?

This session will consider regulation from three perspectives: energy, climate change and competition, discussing the achievements to date and strategies required to overcome current challenges for gas.

SESSION 3: Traders Session: Does Europe Have the Right Commercial Arrangements?

Does the industry have the appropriate commercial agreements given its volatile nature? A focus on short and long term contracts.

SESSION 4: How Will Europe Secure its Long-Term Gas: LNG or New Pipelines?

Which way will long-term supply go? Will Europe remain attractive enough for suppliers and investors in new pipe and flexible LNG to supply future needs?

Champagne Roundtables

  1. Russian Gas Exports to Europe: Commercial and Transportation Ambitions
  2. Thinking Outside the Russian and Caspian Box: Kurdistan Region and Eastern Mediterranean Gas to Europe - Opportunities and Challenges
  3. The impact of US shale gas on Europe

Day Two - Wednesday 13th November

SESSION 5: The Executive Leadership Panel

Internationally-renowned gas leaders take to the stage to talk about the issues that matter most to their business.

SESSION 6: Investing in Gas Infrastructure

Examine the key issues with respect to European gas infrastructure and its ability to attract investment.

SESSION 7: Gas is Dead! Long Live Gas!

Examine what future demand will look like, and explore how it must be cultivated to turn R&D and planning dreams into reality.

Executive Advisory Board

The EAGC programme agenda is developed in conjunction with an independent Executive Advisory Board, comprising business leaders from organisations including BG Group, BP, Enagas, E.ON, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, GDF Suez, International Energy Agency, RWE Supply & Trading, Shell Energy Europe and Total.

About EAGC 2013

The European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC), hosted by Eni, is Europe's premier event for senior commercial gas professionals. A timely and strategic event, now in its 28th year, the

EAGC has a long and established place within the European gas market, bringing together Europe's business leaders from major gas companies, government departments, trade associations and regulatory bodies, to deliver one of this year's most prestigious gas networking events.

EAGC 2013 is hosted by Eni and supported by GDF Suez, Wood Mackenzie and Gas Strategies.

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