What's your xPotential?

Sales training and assessment leader Resolution Systems launches its new brand built on a decade-long record of success

Jan 16, 2014, 10:06 ET from xPotential Selling, Inc.

GREENSBORO, N.C., Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- xPotential Selling™ is the new name for Resolution Systems, a leader in sales training, assessments, coaching, and consulting since 2002.

For the past decade, the company has fueled growth for Fortune 1000 and smaller clients by using unique, proprietary methods to improve how sales professionals are hired and trained.

The new name -- xPotential Selling -- refers to how the firm helps businesses reach their full potential with exponential sales growth.

xPotential Selling helps companies achieve their unique sales goals through a holistic approach that ensures a stronger connection between the sales force and the value they offer their customers through the organization's products, services, personnel, and vision. xPotential Selling services include:

  • assessing candidates and existing employees for the skills that are needed to effectively sell goods or services,
  • training sales teams to use a consultative selling approach by discerning the mutual value in each sales opportunity, 
  • coaching to ensure behavioral change and sustained growth, and
  • imparting a deeper sense of being a stakeholder in the company.

Initially, xPotential Selling determines what challenges a business is facing, so that a strategy to optimize sales can be implemented. Its assessments are scientifically validated instruments that identify motivators, behaviors, strengths, and skills.

That information helps companies make hiring decisions, build winning teams and improve performance. One-on-one coaching and e-Learning reinforce the training to achieve quantifiable sales increases.

xPotential Selling services have been used successfully by hundreds of clients including Cornell University's e-Cornell online campus, Coldwell Banker, Time Warner Cable Business Class, and The Babcock & Wilcox Company. The company has worked in multiple industries including insurance, construction, finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications. xPotential Selling has trained over 4,000 telecommunications sales representatives and sales leaders since 2010.

The launch of xPotential Selling comes at a time when its services are increasingly needed.

"The current and projected business climate reveals pent-up demand in a number of business categories, creating a need for premium sales talent rather than transactional order-takers," says xPotential Selling President Heather Kivett. "xPotential Selling focuses on how to help businesses 'hire right' and 'sell smart.' We match sales professionals to the ideal role and then train and coach them to exceed sales goals, propelling their company's success. With our approach, an organization's potential is unlimited."

About xPotential Selling, Inc.
The company formed in 2002 as Resolution Systems Inc. Since then, the firm has guided businesses through the challenges of identifying and hiring the right sales team, training leaders and associates, and developing a high-performance sales culture. Today, through a proven suite of tools and processes that include personalized assessments, comprehensive training and coaching programs, and strategic leadership advising, xPotential Selling fuels measurable, sustainable sales growth. For more information, visit www.xpotentialselling.com

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