WhatsWhat.me Parent Resource Center Unveils Educational Parents' Site to Help Keep Kids Safe Online and Free From Cyberbullying

Parent Resource Center Linked to Safe, Secure, New "Kids-Only" Social Network: WhatsWhat.me

Mar 22, 2011, 08:30 ET from WhatsWhat.me (Beta)

WALTHAM, Mass., March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- WhatsWhat.me (Beta) – the unique, highly secure kids' social network for "tweens" ages 7-13 that promotes age-appropriate social networking free of cyberbullying -- today unveils its new Parent Resource Center at prc.whatswhat.me. The Parent Resource Center is designed to help parents learn about kids and social networks, cybersafety and other relevant issues.  News, current topics, commentary, a Tech Glossary and podcasts are featured regarding current topics such as President Obama's recent anti-bullying conference, the First Lady's take on Facebook, underage kids frequenting popular adult social networks, the persistence of cyberbullying with tragic consequences, and other current hot debates regarding kids and cyberspace.  As the free, parent-friendly adjunct to its "kids-only" social network www.whatswhat.me -- which was created with strict adherence to COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act) – the Parent Resource Center comprises a user-friendly, one-stop source for parents, educators, the media and others interested in kids' Internet safety tips via an "Ask the Expert" forum, interviews and an extensive Tech Glossary to help de-mystify technology jargon and de-code abbreviated Internet slang terms (details below), among other features.

Preparing Kids for the Digital World:

"We all have a responsibility to get involved when it comes to kids and social networks in today's digital world," says Parent Resource Center and WhatsWhat.me CEO Vincent Cannistraro.  "The mission of our Parent Resource Center is to help inform parents about kids' cybersafety and empower parents to prepare their children for today's digital realities.  We invite everyone to our free Parent Resource Center to join in the partnership to keep kids safe online."

As the Director of Internet Safety at WhatsWhat.me and frequent resource for the media, law enforcement and educators, pioneer Katie Greer states, "As reported recently in the national news -- and what we've known in law enforcement for years – is many kids under the age of 13 spend countless hours on popular adult online social networks with exposure to all kinds of people and content.  It's my job to equip parents with the communications tools and resources on cyberspace safety and find win-win, safe, educational and fun solutions, such as WhatsWhat.me for the kids and its Parent Resource Center for the parents." 

Parent-friendly Features:

Parent-friendly Parent Resource Center features unveiled today – with more to come – include:

  • Tech Glossary:  From NIFOC (Naked In Front Of Computer) to POS (Parent Over Shoulder) to ROTFL (Roll On The Floor Laughing), parents can get text savvy … fast.

  • "Ask the Expert" -- Director of Internet Safety Katie Greer – a pioneer in kids' Internet safety with a law enforcement background -- answers parents submitted questions with straightforward, real-world tips.

  • Podcasts:  Newsworthy interviews conducted weekly on the Parent Resource Center include:

  1. "Education for All:  Reinforcing Online Safety Messages for Every Age Group"
  2. "Email, Online Gaming and Social Networks; the Web Activity of Eight and Nine Year Olds"
  3. "Michelle Obama Touches Off the Safe Social Networking Conversation"
  4. "A Smart Take on Proposed New Jersey Sexting Legislation"

  • News Updates and Archived Articles: Posted as a one-stop resource of all things relating to kids and cybersafety.

About WhatsWhat.me (Beta) and its Parent Resource Center:

WhatsWhat.me (Beta) is a “kids-only” Website that provides safe, secure social networking for kids ages 7 to 13 (“tweens”) and utilizes patent-pending facial recognition technologies, moderation and kid-friendly features. WhatsWhat.me (Beta) is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and fosters an age-appropriate, “no-bullying allowed” community while teaching positive online behavior, Internet safety and related life skills. For parents, WhatsWhat.me (Beta) offers its Parent Resource Center prc.whatswhat.me providing expert advice, news and information on cybersafety for children. WhatsWhat.me (Beta) Customer Service: 1-888-520-3211. For more information, please go to www.whatswhat.me or see http://multivu.prnewswire.com/mnr/whatswhat/48109/ for our video, press materials, etc.  

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