When It Comes to Wedding and Engagement Rings, Think Ahead, Suggests King of Jewelry

Engagements today usually last a year or longer, so planning for a June wedding starts before the ring is ever purchased

May 01, 2013, 16:25 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The whirlwind romance might not be a dying species, but the fact of the matter is that a typical engagement in 21st century America lasts for over a year after the purchase of engagement rings and the popping of the big question. That means that a considerate suitor will look ahead to the wedding date. The good news is that King of Jewelry is here for procrastinating swains to end their delays and take advantage of the finest selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, cushion cut engagement rings and all kinds of high end jewelry.  Whatever type of engagement or wedding rings and whatever type of diamond cut you are looking for -- from round and emerald to asscher and cushion cut diamonds -- King of Jewelry is also the emperor of selection and quality.

You can depend on finding just the right ring for your very special somebody with the astonishing selection and outstanding customer service for which King of Jewelry is renowned.  Whether you shop online at that outstanding King of Jewelry web site or at the brick and mortar store located in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles Jewelry district, the king is a benevolent monarch who makes sure that all of his loyal subjects are given the ability to find the perfect piece of jewelry for them and the very special people in their life. Whether or not you select radiant cut engagement rings, you can depend on getting brilliant treatment from the outstanding staff at King of Jewelry.

Planning a wedding is basically preparing for the biggest party and ceremonial event of most people's lifetime. Whether you're planning a modest, relatively inexpensive affair or going whole hog with the most elaborate of nuptials, trust us when we say that weddings always turn out to be an enormous amount of work for everyone involved, especially the bride and the groom. If you know your beloved has her heart set on a June wedding, that means you can't wait another moment until you make your big move and finally propose. However, you can't propose until you have the ring very literally in hand – and that means that ardent lovers just can't wait! We're happy to say that King of Jewelry is here to make that selection as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Yet, that's not all. Though he sells high end products, the king understands you're not made of money. He emphasizes value as well as quality and our fine products are available at the most competitive prices possible. The king believes in kindness to careful shoppers. So, while it may not be the time for hastiness, it is also long past the moment for procrastination.

For further information about the terrific quality, value, and service available from the King of Jewelry, contact a customer service representative today at 888-349-8299. You should also check out the king's top-notch selection on his web site at www.kingofjewelry.com.

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