Which celeb's legs are insured? Ten weird and wacky celebrity insurance policies

Aug 20, 2012, 08:00 ET from Kanetix

TORONTO, Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Models, musicians, actresses and athletes have to take care of themselves to stay at the top of their respective fields. However, when one reaches such great levels of popularity it's no surprise that they take precautions in the case of the unforeseen. With this in mind, online insurance, credit card & mortgage comparison service www.Kanetix.ca has compiled a list of the Top Ten Celebrity Insured Body Parts.

Counting down to the strangest, craziest body-part-related-insurance-coverage for some of the most recognizable celebs in the world, the list includes policies dealing in millions of dollars covering everything from a certain athlete's hair ($1 000 000), to something as simple as a smile (a whopping $30 000 000 policy!). The level of vanity associated with such policies is almost unfathomable, but one has to consider that often the label, sponsor, or other deep-pocketed corporation have taken the policy out on their client.

Consider professional football player, Troy Polamalu, of the Pittsburg Steelers. He's a spokesperson for the Head and Shoulders brand of hair products which, in 2010, took out a $1 million insurance policy from Llyod's of London on Polamalu's signature locks. It's no wonder Polamalu eased his way into the top 10 with such an expensive and impressive head of hair!

The list takes into account two specific factors: the amount of money placed on the policy, and the sheer strangeness of it. While some body parts are certainly stranger than others (see: David Lee Roth), weight is placed equally on the strangeness of a particular insured body part and the amount of money riding on the policy. In this sense, a few notable celebs were just shy of making the final cut: Tom Jones' insured chest hair, cricket star Merv Hughes' $370,000 mustache, and of course the legendary bassist of KISS, Gene Simmons, and his infamous tongue which is reportedly insured for a whopping $1 million. Then again, these are just the honourable mentions; the official top 10 is jaw-dropping by comparison. From a $300 million rear-end to Van Halen's frontman having insurance on his reproductive parts, the realm of insuring celeb body parts is as fascinating as it is downright crazy.

Take a look at the Kanetix Top 10 Celebrity Insured Body Parts infographic.

It's said that fame is fleeting, but if these policies are any indication it could at least lead to one heck of a payday.

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