White Paper Available: The Three Biggest Food Dust Collector Problems and How to Avoid Them

Jun 03, 2010, 10:57 ET from Filter Media Services, LLC

CINCINNATI, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Filter Media Services, LLC has announced that a brief technical paper concerning specific food industry dust collection problems is now available without charge at its website, http://www.filtermediaservices.com/FoodDustCollector_whitepaper.html entitled "The Three Biggest Dust Collection Problems in Food Processing and How to Avoid Them," the white paper is authored by Clint Scoble. Scoble is Principal, Filter Media Services, LLC and a recognized filter expert with over 40 years experience in filter media technology.

Food industry filtration problems are unique due to the basic components and inherent characteristics of most food products.  In many natural products, it is not unusual to find moisture, fats or oils, inherent stickiness, electrostatics and sometimes abrasive or fibrous components.  No other industry has the potential for as many problem dust filtration characteristics in the same process or product.

The white paper discusses the causes of blinded media (plugged media), poor cake release and static electricity as they affect food dust collector equipment. A number of specific situations are discussed, including high pressure drop, over-frequent cleaning, hygroscopicity, static electricity, felt density, media fiber diameter, surface glazing or singing of filter media, aggressive agglomeration of dust, and proprietary media surface treatments. Specific remedies are included. The paper can be downloaded without registration at the company's site.

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