White Smile, a Company Specializing in Highly Innovative, Patent-Pending Oral Health Products, Announces a Unique Teeth-Whitening Product That is Designed for Ease-of-Use, While Achieving Maximum Whitening Results.

Oct 18, 2011, 07:30 ET from White Smile Global Inc.

MIAMI, Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --White Smile Global (OTCBB: WSML) announces the launch of a breakthrough patent-pending teeth whitening product, their Micro-encapsulated, Light Activated Teeth-Whitening gel specifically designed for use with LED (Light Emitting Diode) or UV teeth whitening lamps that make up the "Light Assisted" teeth whitening industry.  The new system is designed to work by microencapsulating a proprietary activator within a teeth-whitening gel that is capable of generating oxygen-free radicals when the microcapsules come in contact with saliva. The product is self-contained, and can applied to the teeth by either dental professionals or consumers.

"People love to whiten their teeth, but they want an experience that is easy to use and highly effective," explains Mr. Omar Ahmadzai, CEO of White Smile Global. "This whitener has it all in one.  A convenient syringe that requires no mixing, no refrigeration and it is specially designed to work with 100% of the existing LED and UV lamps in the market today. The teeth whitening industry alone is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and we are committed to revolutionizing both components of this amazing industry.  Since the introduction of this advanced patent-pending formula, we are excited to inform the industry of the advancements of our next and final stage which is an advanced light system designed to compliment this ground breaking gel," affirms Mr. Ahmadzai.

"The whitening system is made of a specially optimized, highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide whitening formula and it further contains an ultraviolet light sensitive photo-activator capable liberating bleaching free radicals, which is constituted by a micro-encapsulated carrier. This carrier is substantially evenly dispersed throughout, a multiplicity of microencapsulated particles of an oxygen releasing activating agent. The walls of the microcapsules are rupturable upon mechanical manipulation or when in coming in contact with saliva such as occurs during the teeth whitening operation, and thereby conveniently releases the oxygen-free radicals at the site where it is most effective.  Further, this proprietary whitening gel contains a micro-encapsulated light-activated accelerator built right in, so the end-user can achieve an excellent whitening results with the highest possible amount of convenience and ease in a reduced amount of time lowering the current exorbitant expense of each teeth whitening treatment," states White Smile CSO Dr. Martin Giniger DMD, PhD, MsD, FICD.

The product is set to be released under the White Smile™ brand, which is wholly owned by White Smile Global, Inc. It will become one of the first of many multiple patent-pending formulas will be released to the general public and dentists through retail product placement and online sales beginning this fourth quarter of 2011. All White Smile™ Products are formulated, designed, and manufactured in America.

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