Whitepaper: Best Practices for Eliminating Fragmentation With Modern Storage Technologies (SAN/RAID/Virtualization)

Aug 04, 2011, 07:05 ET from Diskeeper Corporation Europe

LONDON, August 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Due to the significant complexity and breadth of the software and hardware used in modern storage environments, from disk-level technologies to massively scalable network storage facilities, there are many myths and misconceptions regarding the continuing need for a solution to fragmentation. Although, it is understandably easy to accept many of them as replacements for eliminating fragmentation as many seek to solve the same issue, the fact remains that the disk is the weak link.

 From the time non-volatile storage was introduced decades ago, there have been layers of abstraction between the users/applications and those devices. The fact that modern datacenters go well beyond the single direct attached drive(s), and employ advanced storage infrastructures that add additional layers of abstraction, does not eliminate the need to solve fragmentation. In short, no matter how or where you store your data, solving file fragmentation is as vital for peak system performance and reliability as it has ever been.

The purpose of this paper is to briefly define these new storage technologies, how they contribute to I/O throughput, and how the various new solutions can work together with solutions to eliminate fragmentation for optimal disk subsystem performance.

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