Why 'BAD' Employees Can be Good for Your Company

Dec 17, 2010, 13:44 ET from UniFirst

WILMINGTON, Mass., Dec. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking for a New Year's Resolution that can help your company prosper during 2011? Then vow you'll encourage your employees to become "BAD" or Brand Ambassadors of Distinction.

Brand Ambassadors of Distinction go beyond performing the functional aspects of their jobs; they also possess a thorough understanding of the company's business values and continually reflect them in their dealings with customers and in their job tasks - actions that can contribute to creating a preferred brand status in the minds of customers.

How do you develop BAD employees? According to a Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study which tabulated responses from 90,000 employees, a company accomplishes that task by first understanding its employees as well as its customers. Next the study says "senior managers must develop a more inspirational and engaging style of leadership" in which they display their own commitment to the company, communicate the company's brand values, and help employees build their skills and advance their careers.

Such employee communication programs are often referred to as "internal branding," says Adam Soreff, Director of Marketing at UniFirst, a provider of brand-enhancing work clothing and uniforms to companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. "Internal branding can be a tremendous source of employee motivation. Many of our customers, for example, say that when they provide their employees with personalized uniforms as part of their internal branding efforts, they witness a heightened sense of pride and teamwork, which results in increased productivity. And, of course, the professionalism that 'branded' uniforms project can also easily find its way to a company's bottom line."

Anyone who dismisses the importance of developing BAD employees through internal branding programs should consider a recent "Advocacy Drives Growth" study conducted by the London School of Economics. The study revealed that a company's revenues can grow by as much as 300 percent when just one percent of BAD employees promote their companies via word of mouth advertising.

Is it time for you to raise a year-end toast to bringing BAD employees into your company?

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