WikiLeaks Video Game Hugely Popular

Dec 14, 2010, 10:22 ET from

AMSTERDAM, December 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --

- First WikiLeaks Game Played Over a Million Times Online

Only days after the arrest of Julian Assange and media talks about the phenomenon WikiLeaks and its editor in chief, the first WikiLeaks video game popped up.

WikiLeaks: The Game allows players to control Julian Assange trying to sneak his way through the White House. It attracted a million players during the first days after release.

Sebastiaan Moeys, producer of the game, shares his surprise about the popularity of the game: "We didn't plan for this to be a smash hit. We created it as a sort of joke, a social commentary on a developing story."

"A million plays in just a few days really proves this subject is popular with many people. We knew the topic was hot, but didn't expect so many players for a relatively simple game", continues Sebastiaan. "Once bloggers and press got hold of it though, things went fast. Players were overloading our servers; we had a really difficult time keeping everything online."

    The game is playable via

About the developer:

Sebastiaan Moeys (21) develops and manages an international network of localized game portals. Every day, his websites process millions of playing sessions.