Wild Discovery Becomes the First Lebanese Network of Travel Agencies to Offset its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Jan 11, 2010, 03:00 ET from Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES)

BEIRUT, January 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on its continuously evolving Corporate Social Responsibility program to support environmentally friendly solutions, Wild Discovery, the network of travel agencies in Lebanon, Dubai and Syria, affiliated to Johnny R. Saade Holdings, is the first Lebanese travel agency to offset its greenhouse gas emissions and thus, becomes carbon Neutral.

Carbon neutrality involves calculating an entity's GHG footprint (often measured in tonnes of CO2), identifying ways in which carbon emissions can be reduced and then offsetting the residual emissions through the purchase of carbon credits. These credits are usually purchased in the form of Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), where the proceeds go towards funding projects around the world that have issued emission reduction credits under a globally recognized standard, and to encourage eco-friendly technologies.

Through this initiative, Wild Discovery has positioned itself as the first Lebanese travel agency that takes its environmental and social responsibilities seriously. Mr. Sandro Saade, Wild Discovery's CEO, confirms "This process has raised environmental awareness on our team members, and accordingly, we are able to implement eco-friendly decisions into our day-to-day business activities." Mr. Saade added "Wild Discovery, through its understanding of the carbon footprint concept, is now able to provide the option to its clients to purchase VERs to offset the emissions associated to their travel".

Wild Discovery has engaged Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES) a leading Lebanese environmental and energy development firm and its strategic partner Ecosecurities to assess, quantify, reduce and offset its direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) to achieve "carbon neutrality".

Mr. Salah Tabbara, S.E.S' Managing Director, said: "Wild Discovery has again raised the bar by playing its avant-garde role in tackling climate change. The momentum we are seeing in Lebanon of companies going carbon neutral is a testament to the importance of integrating environmental initiatives into companies' Corporate Social Responsibilities".

Mr. Souheil Abboud, EcoSecurities' Middle East Regional Director, noted that it was a pleasure working with Wild Discovery's enthusiastic team and learning about their seriousness in combating Climate Change. "We are very positive about the continued development of the voluntary carbon business in the Middle East and one can't help but commend the steps taken by the like of Wild Discovery to make a global change", he added.

SOURCE Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES)