Will 2013 be the Year of Green? Answer the Question for Yourself with MPG Car Rental's Test Drive Program

Buy the same car you rented and get reimbursed for up to four days of test driving

Jan 07, 2013, 15:18 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MPG Car Rental provides the hybrid car rental Los Angeles demands, and it has been doing so for a long time. Still, the entire green car movement is continuing to spark debate as car aficionados, environmentalists, and technology gurus argue over the relative merits of hybrid, electric, and other types of green automobiles.  For its part, however, MPG Car Rental has thrown its lot in with the ecologically-minded side of the aisle with an all green fleet comprised of clean diesel, electric, and hybrid car rentals. Now, it is doubling down on that idea with its innovative test drive program, combining leading edge technology with an old-fashioned bargain.

Based in the freewheeling, sustainability-minded mecca of Venice, California, MPG Car Rental provides the full range of green cars from all the most famous auto makers. From the Volkswagen Jetta and Beetle equipped with powerful TDI clean diesel technology, to the most recent editions of the ever more popular Toyota Prius and the award-winning Chevy Volt from America's resurgent General Motors, this is one car rental outfit that is ready to take on everything the 21st century can throw at it.

MPG Car Rental's test drive program is just one such example. Customers can rent any of the outstanding cars on MPG's fleet and take it for the kind of super long test drive few car lots would ever permit. If they end up buying that same model from an affiliated dealer, they will be reimbursed for up to four days of their car rental. It's all a part of MPG Car Rental's efforts to promote the more sustainable face of future automotive transportation.

Whichever car you rent, and whether or not you go on to purchase that same car later on, you can depend on receiving the absolute best in quality and service from MPG Car Rental.  The big car rental agencies may feel like they can afford to treat people like numbers on a spreadsheet, but MPG knows that every customer must be constantly won over by providing personalized assistance and the absolute highest level of value of any car rental company in Southern California. 

Renting out only hybrid, electric, and clean diesel cars, MPG Car Rental is a company that cares both about its customers and our future. For more information regarding all of the outstanding vehicles in MPG Car Rental's roster, please visit www.mpgcarrental.com or call 877-870-7821. The future of automobiles is just a phone call away.

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