Will the Overturning of Old Convictions Create New Due Process in China?

"Chinese Premier's Trip to India" "China's Middle East Policy" "Hydropower Problems"

Jul 10, 2013, 17:12 ET from NewsChina

NEW YORK, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 2013 July issue of NewsChina magazine featured "Li Keqiang's first official trip", "Victim of Justice", "Friendly Ire", and "Dammed Nation".

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's First Official Trip, visiting India on the opening leg of his first official trip, a move that analysts say is an obvious signal of the Chinese administration's intention to improve ties with its neighbors.

Cover headline "Victim of Justice" looked at whether the overturning of several decade-old murder convictions heralds a new attitude towards due process?
Prisoners of Circumstance After decades of concealment, China's judiciary is finally rolling back scores of wrongful convictions. Is this the first step towards long-term reform?
A Lost Decade The overturning of a number of wrongful convictions that led to innocent people being jailed, sometimes for decades, has thrown a harsh spotlight on the Chinese police's routine use of torture to extract false confessions.

International Friendly Ire: Middle East Policy
Skirting Conflict Is it necessary for China to take sides in the Middle East?

Environment Dammed Nation: China's Hydropower Problem
Reservoir Clog Excessive damming of rivers in southwest China has not only resulted in massive environmental damage, it may also be responsible for the increasing frequency of earthquakes. Meanwhile, a glut of hydropower stations has resulted in energy overcapacity. So why are projects still being approved?

Put the debate back into politics The issue of the increasingly polarized and puerile conduct of would-be political thinkers cannot be solved by the judiciary

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