Win Schuler Foods Introduces Lia Marie's Original Garlic Spread: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, on Sliced Bread

Consumers Praise Unique, Problem-Solving Refrigerated Garlic Spread

Aug 22, 2011, 10:00 ET from Win Schuler Foods

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Win Schuler Foods today announced the launch of its new refrigerated Lia Marie's Original Garlic Spread and Five Cheese Garlic Spread in stores throughout the Milwaukee and Green Bay areas, including Pick 'n Save, Copps, Woodman's, Piggly Wiggly, Festival and Sentry Foods. Pioneering a unique, new food category, Lia Marie's Original Garlic Spreads promise to revolutionize the garlic bread market by offering consumers a fresh, convenient alternative to frozen products.

Lia Marie's Original Garlic Spread is a unique blend of roasted garlic, natural cheese, butter, oil and fresh herbs. Lia Marie's Five Cheese Garlic Spread is made with the same ingredients as the Original Garlic Spread with the addition of five old-world cheeses. Both spreads are available in 12-ounce tubs located in the refrigerated section where butter is sold.

"Lia Marie's is the best thing since sliced bread, on sliced bread. It's flavorful, fresh and fast," said Robert Nunez, president of Win Schuler Foods. "American families love garlic bread, but lack the extra time in their busy lives to make homemade garlic bread. Lia Marie's is easy to use. Fresh and spreadable right from the refrigerator, it will make any bread taste homemade."

Headquartered in Southfield, Mich., Win Schuler retail and food services brands include Win Schuler's Cheese Spreads and Win Schuler's Snack Chips. Lia Marie's is made in Wisconsin.

Lia Marie's scored high on key indicators among male and female primary grocery shoppers aged 25-65 who had purchased and eaten garlic bread within the past month of interview. Conducted by the Consumer Research Division of Mattson & Company, the key findings of the national concept/in-home use tests included the following:

  • 8 of ten say they intend to purchase Lia Marie's Original Garlic Spread.
  • 88 percent say Lia Marie's is "somewhat" to "extremely unique."
  • 86 percent say that Lia Marie's solves a problem or fills a need.
  • 84 percent will recommend Lia Marie's to others.
  • 89 percent say Lia Marie's is an average to very good value.

Lia Marie's is also versatile and tastes great blended with fresh-cooked pasta and vegetables, sauteed with beef, poultry and seafood or mashed with potatoes.  For more information, visit

SOURCE Win Schuler Foods