WindTronics Announces Availability, Pricing and Retailers

Recipient of Gold Edison Award for Energy Brings Wind Energy to All this Summer

May 04, 2010, 07:05 ET from WindTronics

LAS VEGAS, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at the National Hardware Show, WindTronics, announced the strategic roll-out of its much-anticipated Honeywell Wind Turbine, which starts generating power in wind speeds as low as two miles per hour while addressing issues related to noise, vibration, size and output. Additionally, WindTronics announced the Honeywell Wind Turbine was awarded a Gold Edison Award for Energy in the Edison Best New Product Awards presented by Discovery Channel.

"We're proud to make wind energy generation a viable option for people," said Reg Adams, president and CEO of WindTronics. "It is our vision to bring distributed wind energy to life by making it a natural part of the power infrastructure. We've designed the Honeywell Wind Turbine to generate power where we live and work."


Ace Hardware will be the first retailer to bring the Honeywell Wind Turbine to consumers across the country in August 2010. In addition, WindTronics has signed distribution agreements with more than 300 domestic and international dealers as well as utility companies, Honeywell, satellite distributors, building and electrical contractors, additional national retailers and Wesco Distribution to carry the turbine.

Pricing and Availability

The Honeywell Wind Turbine will be available starting August 2010 with an MSRP of $6,495. This price includes the turbine and the Smart Box™ Energy Management System that regulates and connects the wind energy to the building's electrical panel.

The Honeywell Wind Turbine coming to market is more powerful and more efficient than the pilot model that debuted last year at the National Hardware Show. After significant testing in WindTronics' custom-built wind tunnel, the wind engineers were able to further increase the turbine's efficiency and power generation.

More Power

The Honeywell Wind Turbine has a 2.2 KW Plate Power and can generate 2,752 kWh per year in a Class 4 wind speed at 33 feet. This equates to a higher performance output and lower installed cost per kilowatt than any other unit on the market in class and size.

The Blade Tip Power System (BTPS) is based on a system of magnets and stators that captures power at the tips of the blades, where the speed is the greatest. This power is transferred to the Smart Box, which utilizes 2 deep cycle batteries to store and buffer the energy, while regulating the energy entering the electrical panel. The Smart Box also includes sophisticated software algorithms to maximize energy capture, while the turbine automatically turns to follow the wind.

"Unlike traditional turbines that rely on the wind to turn a generator, we've developed the Blade Tip Power System to turn the turbine into a powerful generator," said Brian Levine, vice president of business development.

The Honeywell Wind Turbine's gearless design eliminates mechanical resistance and drag, allowing it to generate power in wind speeds as low as two miles per hour and as high 45 miles per hour, without the typical noise, size, weight and vibrations associated with traditional wind turbines. Weighing 170 lbs and measuring 6 feet in diameter, the turbine can be mounted in several ways, including on a rooftop, a pole or a commercial mount.

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About WindTronics

WindTronics is a private technology company founded in Muskegon, Michigan. Dedicated to bringing renewable energy to all, WindTronics has developed a gearless small wind turbine, which features the Blade Tip Power System™. WindTronics is the licensee for the Honeywell Wind Turbine. For more information please visit

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