Wine Masters: An Economical New Way to Experience the Adventure and Enjoyment of Fine Wines

Oct 08, 2010, 13:52 ET from Wine Masters

BERGEN COUNTY, N.J., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The days of guessing and overpaying for wine are over, at least for shoppers in the Northeast, thanks to the launch of the Wine Masters consortium.

"Until now, the only way for the average consumer to experience the quality wines of the world was to go to the local wine merchant and either ask for a recommendation, read point-of-purchase cards or pick the most interesting label," explained Kevin Roche, managing director and co-founder of Wine Masters.

"For some the sole criteria may have been either price, while others relied on the opinions of purported 'wine critics' whose selections have been, more often than not, hit or miss – and usually wind up being expensive mistakes. In truth, all of these methods produce inconsistent results at best.

"Now, consumers in the Northeast have someone they can turn to – the trained members of the Wine Masters."

Wine Masters' two-fold promise is to provide quality wines from every corner of the globe at a price for every budget, along with helpful expertise anyone can understand.

The Wine Masters are a group of independently owned wine and spirits retailers who have come together to provide quality AND value in every wine purchased. The group insures expert advice by requiring each of its independent members to have a certified sommelier on staff.

"And this is crucial," according to Jim Treanor, managing director and co-founder. "If a store does not meet this requirement, it cannot be a Wine Masters member. Each Wine Masters store will also be required to carry every Wine Masters approved selection, some of which are only available in limited quantities.

"The combination of a trained sommelier on staff and a broad selection of wines means finding just the right one for a large dinner party, intimate moment for two or just everyday use, is now an easy and affordable one-stop shopping experience."

There are more than 30 participating Wine Masters stores in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts with new member stores joining regularly.

According to Roche, "Wine Masters' goal is simple – an exceptional wine experience and value at every price. Each Wine Masters selection will carry the Wine Masters' 'Seal of Approval.'''

"And only wines that have been taste-tested by all of Wine Masters' certified sommeliers – not just a handful of effete critics – will receive the Wine Masters' seal," added Treanor.

Venture Packs – A New Way to Enjoy the Adventure of Wine

All Wine Masters retailers will be offering a unique monthly wine-tasting experience in the form of Venture Packs. These carefully selected groups consist of wines designed to get the consumer to "Venture Beyond" and experience something new and different instead of going with "the old standby."

Wine Masters Web Site

To further enhance the wine experience, Wine Masters has established a Web site for consumers interested in the wide world of wine. Information, education, food and fun can all be had by going to Information about types of wine, wine regions and up-coming Venture Packs will be available along with tips, recipes and information. Topics such as how to decant wine; the truth about cork; using the proper glass, etc., will be available as well as recipes for dishes designed to complement a wine selection. By "tuning in" to the site, the average consumer will be able to broaden his or her wine "horizons". will also invite consumers to sign up for "Wine Wibbles," Wine Masters' version of tweets. Each Wibble will keep consumers up to date on trends, availability, announcements, etc. and will invite those who have signed up to check the Wine Masters' web site for additional, exciting information on the world of wines.

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