Winners of "2013-2014 Global iBrands Top 20" Announced

Jan 09, 2014, 10:00 ET from IDG China

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On-site of the forty-eighth international Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IDG announced the winners of "2013-2014 Global iBrands Top 20". Twenty brands in the Apple industry chain including Moshi, iLuv, Otterbox, iPEARL, POWEROCKS, MOMAX and iWALK, became well-deserved winners in the iBrands award ceremony of the year, showing to the global users the greatest passion in Apple industry chain. About 400 media from all over the world made tracking reports for the grand award ceremony on-site. (Photo taken on-site:

"2013-2014 Global iBrands Top 20" is not only a grand international appraisal sponsored by IDG, collaborated with IDC (International Data Corp., a market investigation and survey authority) and other professional institutions, represented by iPad, iPhone, iPod and iTV and focusing on "i" series of brands in the Apple industry chain, but also an international exchange, display and cooperation platform for brands in the global Apple industry chain. It is understood that the theme for the activity of the year is "Outstanding achievement stems from pursuit of sustainable competitiveness of brand" and the activity will continue to focus on high-end products in the global Apple industry chain, show quintessence of science and art, and appreciate high-end technologies. Meanwhile, the event also forms an international authoritative exchange and cooperation platform for brands in the global Apple industry chain, fully promoting in-depth development of the industry.

The appraisal for "Global iBrands Top 20" will focus on brand enterprises providing services, and brands of industrial application, in the upstream and downstream of Apple's "i" series industry. According to brand appraisal and selection rules, which comprehensively evaluate the service brands in the global Apple industry chain for 2013, the brand enterprises take the lead in competition in the Apple industry. In this year's appraisal and selection for Global iBrands, Top 20 brands for five categories, namely protective type accessory brands, application type peripheral brands, best cooperative partner, most IN design and customer's favorite brands are selected mainly based on five aspects and according to innovation, efficient, primacy and other standards, by means of investigation, data, review panel of voting experts and etc. By appraisal and selection of over seven months, eventually, Otterbox, Monster, Speck, Bowers&Wilkins, JBL, Sennheiser, Moshi, iPEARL, Spigen, Jabra, POWEROCKS, MOMAX, iLuv, Golla, TTAF, Belkin, Griffin, Targus, SwitchEasy and iWALK won the honor and received trophies of "2013-2014 Global iBrands Top 20" from Mr. Michael Friedenberg (IDG CEO), jointly showing to the world the quintessence of combining science and art of 2013 Apple peripherals, and continued to lead global Apple users to appreciate high-end products.

The improvement of industry chain competitiveness is the key for Apple to break through

Once, Apple Inc. helped the IT industry to redefine mobile phones and computers in the mobile Internet age, defining mainstream in terms of appearance, interface, application and etc. Apple Inc. is the most valuable listed company in the world, with market value over USD 600 billion and historical record of share price exceeding USD 700. However, with the growth of Android, Windows Phone and etc. in such industry, Apple seems to be under the threat of losing the leading position. Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia and other competitors impact the sales performance of iPhone, iPad and other Apple's products in terms of software and hardware and etc. Facing such challenge, with regard to enterprises in the global Apple industry chain, the key point is to keep up with the future tidal wave and correctly determine development direction to build its own brands and sustainable competitiveness of Apple industry chain.

In this regard, experts for appraisal and selection for Global iBrands Top 20 indicated that brand competitiveness is of great significance to overall competitiveness of the enterprise; brand competition covers many factors including product development, design, production, sale, service, management, technology, scale, concept of value and image character. Achievement of brand competitiveness is acquirement of ability to expand and occupy the market and to obtain greater market share. With regard to the Apple industry chain, competitiveness is internal impetus for development of enterprises in the Apple industry chain and the core capability of enterprise. In the fierce market competition, enterprises in the Apple industry chain can only seek development by continuously adapting themselves to change in environment, satisfying the increasing requirement of customers, knowing clearly difference in all resources, ability and other factors necessary for winning the competition, properly handling keys to success and making continuous innovation. Meanwhile, enterprises in the Apple industry chain should also take into consideration technologies, environment, customers and other value segments, to keep sufficient vitality, continuously improve competitiveness, retain their own features, maintain differentiation and monopoly of the Apple industry chain, and obtain more recognition of consumers and cooperative enterprises, so that the Apple industry chain can reserve development ability in the future development.

Mr. Michael Friedenberg (IDG CEO) said: "For a long time, Apple's products lead the consumer electronics fashion in terms of appearance, interface, application and functions and form the direction for global technology innovation and industry development. Currently, competition for ecosphere has already been increasingly fierce for brands in the Apple industry chain. Enterprises of iBrands can further improve core capability only by building a more stable brand image, and should take advantage of brands for more smooth international development, and improve global competitiveness of brand. The purpose of the appraisal and selection activity for 'Global iBrands Top 20' is to show to the world the quintessence of combining science and art of Apple's peripherals, at the same time when Apple's products sweep the world, lead global Apple users to appreciate high-end products, and promote greater development in the Apple industry chain and creates outstanding brands while guiding global Apple users."

Perfect combination of science and art shows brand brilliance to the world

Among the winner of "Global iBrands Top 20", thanks to distinctive product advantages and innovation, greater market competitiveness, iPEARL, POWEROCKS, MOMAX and iWALK become the excellent representatives in brands of the Apple industry chain.

Specifically, iPEARL focuses on design and manufacturing of personalized, fashionable and portable digital accessories, and is good at integrating innovative technologies and extraordinary originality into popular contemporary digital products, provides products covering digital electronics, protective peripherals, interconnection technologies and other areas, and offers peripheral accessories of all Apple series and Samsung series, thus satisfying diversified requirements of users.

POWEROCKS, derived from American high-end portable power source brand and obtained authorization of Apple Inc. when the brand was registered in 2003. It specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sale of POWEROCKS (a brand in the Apple industry chain) portable power source. Meanwhile, it has focused on R&D and manufacturing of lithium ion battery (a core part affecting safety performance of portable power source) for over ten years.

MOMAX, an impassioned, young and vibrant brand, established in Hong Kong in 2003, has been committed to providing customers with high quality and brand new products and services. Thanks to the cherished original works and humanity design, MOMAX obtained authorization of Apple Inc. and has won many awards for its unique product design. For just a few years, it has become the most vibrant and brilliant accessory brand of mobile digital product, with popular products in the market.

iWALK, a Korean company, established in 2003, provides comprehensive accessories of Apple products and intelligent terminal. It has a sub-brand of iWALK, has been the winner of "Leading Brands in the Global Apple Industry" for successive two years, and sells products in over 40 countries. It aims to become the world's top 5 companies of comprehensive accessory.

Currently, with further enhancement of energy of the Apply industry chain and further popularization of intelligence of consumer electronics, brands in the Apple industry chain is undoubtedly the segment with the greatest potential value in consumer electronics area. While, appraisal and selection for "2013-2014 Global iBrands Top 20" fully evaluates development of international top brands of Apple "i" series for 2013 and introduces to global Apple users the iBrands products which are most popular with iFans. Let us focus on appraisal and selection for "2013-2014 Global iBrands Top 20", and show to the world the brilliance of iBrand and pursue sustainable competitiveness of brands in the Apple industry chain and outstanding achievements.