Winners of "Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China" Announced

-- Window Opened on Future Marketing, Focus on Brand Growth

Oct 17, 2013, 08:00 ET from IDG China

BOSTON, Oct. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2013 FutureM (October 16-18) and the 2013 Sustainable Development & Global Competitiveness Forum (on October 16) were held in Boston, USA. Along with it, the awards ceremony of the globally authoritative competition "Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China" organized by IDG took place at the forum on October 16. Top executives from the 10 winning Chinese companies, as successful representatives of sustainable and globally competitive Chinese enterprises, received trophies of "Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China" from Ms. Kathleen Schaub, VP of IDC and Mr. Paul Kent, VP of IDG. (Photo taken onsite:

The winners are: Sinopec, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, China Life Insurance, China Mobile, Huawei, Haier, Tencent, BOE and Baidu. The two single prizes – the Most Sustainably Competitive Brand and the Most Innovatively Competitive Brand – went to Sinopec and BOE respectively.

According to Jennifer Xu, Vice President of IDG Asia, the global economy has continued in low gear for four years since the onset of the global financial crisis, with the risk of economic downturn lingering. Today, the global economy features three points: The Euro zone is staggering in light recession, the US is suffering from economic growth slowdown, and only emerging economies are sustaining steady recovery. As a highlight in the global economy on which hopes are pinned, emerging economies outperformed developed countries in Europe and the US with regard to economic growth rate, becoming a major force driving the world economy out of depression. Today's winning enterprises are the ones that in this context leveraged the new situation of the world economy and won recognition from customers from all over the world, thanks to excellent products and services and constant efforts in enhancing international branding competitiveness. In addition, these forward-looking and visionary companies managed to grasp the essence of future marketing and focused on the growth of branding, and thus became the power behind the economic recovery of China and even the world.

IDG's "Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China" has been held successfully for four consecutive years. It is a platform where the winning enterprises display the power and glamour of Chinese brands to the world. In the previous three years, nearly 100 renowned business leaders and scholars from China and the US delivered speeches on the event, imposing far-reaching impacts on companies in China and the US and even the whole world. The Fourth Global Competitiveness & Sustainable Development Forum organized by IDG attracted executives of multinational companies, world famous scholars and experts, investment bankers, consultants and analysts specializing in improvement of sustainability and global competitiveness, and the attendees had heated discussion centering the topic "Future Marketing – Emphasis of Branding Growth", and gave valuable insights to Chinese firms seeking development. Meanwhile, about 60 parallel sessions are to be held during the three-day FutureM Forum (Oct 16-18), with about 200 business leaders delivering speeches to more than 3,000 audiences, covering a wide range of topics including how branding can boost marketing in the digital age, how companies can elevate brand value and sales through optimization of advertisements, and how companies can gain customer purchase and realize brand marketing on the mobile internet channel. This gives Chinese entrepreneurs the chance to communicate about new opportunities of future marketing, and explore new business opportunities.

A new global economic structure is now taking shape. Under this new structure, featuring emerging economies supporting global economic growth, the breadth and depth of Chinese enterprises' convergence into the world reached unprecedented height. Among the 2013 World 500 companies, 95 were from China, only second to the US. This proves that Chinese companies have become an integral part of global business and are poised to make greater contributions to economic development in China and the world. However, the global competitiveness and influence of Chinese companies are not developing in pace with the growth of their business scale. As the total size of Chinese companies and their international position have both been largely enhanced, it is now a crucial task to enhance global competitiveness and drive sustainable and healthy development of Chinese companies in the new economic structure of the world.

Representatives from the winning enterprises of Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China said it is a question worth long-term consideration by business leaders as to how Chinese companies can take the global development road, and how to fully leverage future marketing and achieve brand growth, so as to further elevate the international competitive edge of Chinese brands. By learning from world-leading experts at this forum, Chinese firms will be able to continuously strengthen strategic compositeness and brand influence, fortify their brand image, and achieve innovation and break-through in the new economic structure. By better and faster holding to the focus of branding as part of future marketing, the stronger branding power will enable these enterprises to rise in the international arena more smoothly and achieve sustainability.