WIRED and Nokia Unveil First-Ever #MakeTechHuman Agents of Change List

17 Global Influencers Expanding Human Possibility Through Technology

Oct 27, 2015, 08:00 ET from WIRED

NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, WIRED and Nokia unveil #MakeTechHuman Agents of Change, an accolade awarded to 17 global influencers who are shaping how technology is expanding human possibility. This list marks a yearlong joint campaign by Nokia and WIRED called #MakeTechHuman, which examines technology's impact on our future and how we can shape it in a more positive direction.

"We know that technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, but how can we ensure it best serves us as a society? These individuals are the entrepreneurs, innovators, and advocates at the forefront of that important conversation. They are ultimately setting the bar for how we can leverage the exponential influence of technology to change our world for the better," said Barry French, Chief Marketing Officer, Nokia.    

Candidates were selected by Nokia and WIRED Brand Lab based on their innovation, impact, and relevance to critical global issues in areas including artificial intelligence, privacy, security, human connection, and health. The work of these individuals will be spotlighted through interviews, videos, and podcasts published on WIRED.com/MakeTechHuman.

The #MakeTechHuman 17 are:

  1. Ismail Ahmed (Founder, WorldRemit): Founder of a platform for friends and family separated by geographical boundaries to send one another funds.
  2. Luis von Ahn (CEO/Co-founder, Duolingo): Developer of a language-learning platform that helps students around the world learn a foreign language for free.
  3. Akon (Co-founder, Akon Lighting Africa): Creator of an initiative to develop a solar-powered solution for African villages without affordable electricity.
  4. Nathan Eagle (CEO, Jana): Co-founder of a company offering mobile phone users free airtime in exchange for providing information to businesses and organizations.
  5. Mick Ebeling (CEO, Not Impossible): An advocate for using DIY, tech-based solutions to help people around the world and inspire others to do the same. Project Daniel was a 2013 Not Impossible project that used 3-D printers to make prosthetic arms for children of war in South Sudan.
  6. Rikin Gandhi (CEO, Digital Green): Oversees Digital Green's program to help farmers share knowledge about improved agricultural practices, livelihoods, health, and nutrition using locally produced videos and human-mediated dissemination.
  7. Catherine Hoke (CEO/Founder, Defy Ventures):  Founder of a career development program that connects business leaders and people with criminal histories.
  8. Emily Jacobi (Executive Director/Founder, Digital Democracy): Leader of an organization aimed at empowering marginalized communities with technology that helps them defend their rights.
  9. Leila Janah (CEO/Founder, Samasource): Founder of a nonprofit social business that provides digital work to impoverished people around the world.
  10. Ludovic Le Moan (Co-founder, Sigfox): Creator of an Internet of Things network that provides narrowband, low-energy transmission for objects ranging from washing machines to cars.
  11. Dr. Joanne Liu (International President, Doctors Without Borders): Leader of an organization connecting doctors with people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusions from health.
  12. Karim El Malki (CEO/Founder, Athonet): Creator of PRIMO, a high-performance compact LTE and 3G HSPA Core Network solution, and key component in the next generation of mobile infrastructure.
  13. David and Christopher Mikkelsen (Founders, Refugees United): Founders of a nonprofit organization that uses online and mobile solutions to help refugees and internally displaced persons reconnect with loved ones.
  14. Toshiharu Mukai (Chief Lab Scientist, Riken-SRK Collaboration Center): Scientist behind "Robear," a robotic caretaker designed to simplify elderly care.
  15. Hadi and Ali Partovi (Co-founders, Code.org): Co-founders of a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science education, as well as increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color.
  16. Nonny de la Pena (CEO, Emblematic): Spearheads the world's leading virtual reality company that builds top content for the Oculus Rift and other customized goggle and tracking systems.
  17. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek (Engineering and Security Leads, Uber): After famously demonstrating how to hack into a moving Jeep, the two joined Uber's Advanced Technology Center, where they focus on research and development in areas like mapping, vehicle safety, and autonomy technology.

For more on #maketechhuman, visit WIRED.com/maketechhuman. Nokia and WIRED Brand Lab first launched the initiative back in March, with a reddit AMA hosted by World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and have continued the conversation with an event at TED in Vancouver, a hugely successful AMA with Professor Stephen Hawking, and a podcast series hosted by the Nerdist's Matt Mira and featuring Monica Lewinsky, Sir Martin Rees, Hossein Moiin, Jon Ronson, Stuart Russell, and others.

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