Wireless Connectivity in Medical Device Summit is coming in December

Oct 16, 2013, 08:00 ET from UBM China

SHANGHAI, Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To make the wireless medical industry prosperous with information resource integration and advanced technologies, the Wireless Connectivity in Medical Device Summit, organized by UBM China and MEDTEC, will be held from 10th-11th December in Shenzhen, China. This year's theme centers around "Intelligent, Creative, Safe, and Convenient." The two-day conference will focus on four parts: global wireless medical and mobile health trends; application of IOT, IT and cloud according to new medical reform; technical renovation and standardization; and, data integration, management and safety insurance. We aim to establish the conference as a platform where industry executives can effectively communicate and jointly enhance the development of the wireless medical industry in China while exploring business opportunities for themselves. For information on this event, DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE now to see the outstanding topics that will be discussed at this conference!

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To solve the main problems of the medical industry, reducing difficulties and high expenses in medical care has become increasingly important. Currently, ever-improving wireless medical information has brought China into a new era. More and more professional believe it is the mHealth and wisdom medical enhancing the medical model by driving it becomes to individuation and hommization. The Chinese wireless medical market will grow as the most attractive and creative in the world with the arid of promotion of policy and popularization of mobile use-end. According to a report by the China Institute of Communications in February, nowadays, the global wireless medical market persistently overheats. Mobile operators in the wireless medical industry will achieve more than 11.5 billion dollars in revenue, which includes 6.6 billion dollars for medical device manufacturers, 2.6 billion dollars for app developers, software and hardware providers and 2.4 billion dollars for medical service suppliers.

This is an event professionals involved with mobile health, medical IT, cloud & IOT technology and other related industry colleagues must attend! The confirmed speakers include:

  • Song Tong, Director, the Research Institute of Telecommunications Transmission. MIIT
  • Lu Jingtai, CIO, The Second Artillery General Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army
  • Liu Fan, CIO & Assistant of President, Peking University People's Hospital
  • Shang Bangzhi, Senior Expert for Informationization, Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University
  • Li Ye, Director, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Roby Liu, Investment Director, ZEVC Management Co. Ltd
  • T.W. Langejan, Chairman of the Board, the Dutch Healthcare Authority – Holland
  • Wei Siang Yu, Chairman, Borderless Healthcare Group – Singapore
  • Piush Vidyarthi, CEO, CrossBay Medical, Inc. – USA
  • David Amor, Chief Operations Officer/Managing Partner, ReMind Technologies LLC/MEDgineering Inc. – USA

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