Wisdom In A World Of Craziness

College Professor/Poet/Professional Comedian Writes an Original Book of Quotes about Living in Our Unpredictable World

Feb 29, 2016, 14:25 ET from Professor Ray Grant

ATLANTA, Feb. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Available now on Amazon.com, Professor Ray Grant, longtime college English professor, poet and comedian debuts his brand new book, "Old Sayings I Just Made Up."

"Old Sayings I Just Made Up" began on Twitter.  Although Professor Ray Grant has a Master's Degree in Poetry from world renowned University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, the 140 character restriction on Twitter was challenging and reminded him of poetry. 

Written all on his iPhone, Professor Ray Grant received a tweet one day from a friend who is a TV personality.  He said, "Man, I see your sayings. They're too good to be giving them away like this."  Professor Ray Grant really wasn't thinking about that.  Until he saw one of his sayings retweeted on a poster with someone else's name attached as the author.  This person was in Asia and the Professor was in Atlanta, Ga.   

"I'm just a regular guy who notices people and the things around me.  I've been like this since I was a child.  I never intended to write a book," Professor Ray Grant says.  "I hope this helps people in some way."

"Old Sayings I Just Made Up" contains 500 short, serious and humorous sayings.  As a father of two children and husband of over 20 years, Professor Ray Grant offers up his ideas about family and marriage, the community and the world through the filter of everyday life.

Here are some quotes from Professor Ray Grant's "Old Sayings I Just Made Up" –

  • Most of us can't handle the big picture.  But give everybody a brush stroke and watch the big picture take care of itself.
  • People are always looking for their moment to shine instead of shining in every moment.
  • Classless people treat you the way they don't want to be treated.

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