Wisdom Series Academic Services for the Cloud Launched by AcademyOne, Inc.

States and colleges get smarter using applications connected with web services enhancing workflows and lowering costs

Dec 10, 2010, 05:00 ET from AcademyOne

WEST CHESTER, Pa., Dec. 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- AcademyOne Inc., a technology and data solutions provider promoting academic and career success addressing student mobility, announced the launch of the Wisdom Series Web Services for the Cloud. Wisdom augments college and university information systems that are traditionally decentralized and separated by governance, practices and procedures.

The Wisdom Series connects information systems to better serve 21st century students, faculty and administrators working across institutional borders. "Improving academic coordination, advising and guidance requires real-time access across student and course information systems bridging traditional boundaries of automated institutional applications," said Mr. David Moldoff, CEO and Founder of AcademyOne and Director of PESC (Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council) EdUnify, a registry of web services for education.

In an announcement earlier this year education leaders commented on the importance of web services in higher education. "Mobility and changing learning patterns together obsolete long-standing paradigms of how data systems are built and used and drive their reengineering," stated Michael Sessa, President and CEO of PESC. "In this new reality whereby we are all learning to live within our limited budgets, open, community-based solutions like EdUnify draw critical attention as they create a platform for sharing of innovative ideas and services."

The Wisdom Series offers an open toolbox to support state coordination projects such as implementing e-portfolios, academic progress and college transfer portals in the Cloud. Wisdom provides software features and functionality that are:

  • operationally secure – provides authentication, encryption and security of transmission
  • intelligently interactive – empowers connections without proprietary costs and added tools
  • standardized – connections use the PESC EdUnify registry in the Cloud
  • accurate and up-to-date – provides simple and elegant data access methods

The Wisdom Series has been tested and released with the cooperation and support of South Carolina, Delaware and Pennsylvania state education agencies and their public institutions who strive to support students with real-time services bridging standalone information systems.

About AcademyOne

AcademyOne is an innovative technology and services company providing solutions that address learner mobility, academic progress, academic transitions and academic credit portability. The company focuses on serving learners, institutions, agencies and governments by addressing the challenges of an increasingly mobile population of learners. AcademyOne's team of professionals has a diverse array of academic, operational and technology experience. The company has engineered a suite of college transfer and prior learning recognition applications.

About PESC EdUnify

EdUnify is a shared, neutral, community-based Web services registry and suite of semantic web tools designed to reduce the cost of integration and to improve efficiency. Providers can register their services; providers and users can search, rate and monitor services; they can use EdUnify as a governance framework for service-oriented architecture.


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