WiseWindow Web Measurement Shows Tiger Woods' Return to Golf Fails to Change Public Sentiment

Mass Opinion Business Intelligence Data Shows Woods' Positive Sentiment Spiked on First Day of Play and Then Returned to Previous Levels

Apr 12, 2010, 05:07 ET from WiseWindow

IRVINE, Calif., April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- WiseWindow, developers of Mass Opinion Business Intelligence (MOBI), the next generation of web measurement, today announced how the Masters has impacted Tiger Woods' share of positive and negative online opinion. MOBI was used to measure positive and negative mass sentiment on a variety of topics relating to Tiger Woods. The data, compiled from the blogosphere and social media, reflects change over time from the week prior to the Masters through the end of the tournament. MOBI doesn't use keywords to track data, but uses new web crawling and cloud computing methodologies to "discover" unsolicited opinions. It's the only web measurement tool capable of translating mass opinion into actionable business intelligence. While primarily used by organizations seeking actionable data on products and brands, MOBI has been applied to Tiger Woods and his sponsors as a public analysis project.

As Graph 1 shows, the total opinion volume in the week prior to the Masters hovered at approximately 5,000 opinions or less expressed per day, but it spiked dramatically as the Masters began. Following Woods' press conference, the total opinion volume rose to over 20,000 per day, accelerating to nearly 30,000 following the first day of competition. At the end of the tournament, the total volume of opinion finished at approximately 14,000 opinions expressed per day. This total opinion volume indicates that Woods' impressive, but not "legendary," performance generated buzz, but was insufficient to sustain the highest level of opinion volume.

Graph 2 shows the WiseWindow Mass Opinion Sentiment Meter spiking positively following Woods' tremendous showing on the first day of play. Sentiment then dropped as the competition progressed, returning nearly to its pre-Masters level at slightly above average.

More important for businesses impacted by Woods, Graph 3 indicates how discussion topics shift and affect the overall buzz. Discussion related to Woods' golf decreased briefly as discussion regarding his sponsors and business issues increased on the first day of play, partly due to conversation around the Nike ad featuring his late father's voice. After competition began, the discussion related to golf increased, while business discussions dropped.

The good news for Woods is that once the Masters started, conversation about golf and related sponsorship and business issues drowned out conversation about his personal life. Discussion about Woods' infidelity reached a high of approximately 40 percent prior to the beginning of the Masters, however by the end of the competition, that conversation topic decreased to approximately 10 percent.

Overall, Mass Opinion Business Intelligence demonstrates that while sentiment regarding Woods remains slightly above neutral, he has a long way to go to recapture the positive public opinion he enjoyed prior to the controversy related to his private life.

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