Wistron Corporation and Intellectual Ventures Sign License Agreement

Sep 21, 2011, 02:00 ET from Intellectual Ventures

TAIPEI, Taiwan and BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wistron Corporation and Intellectual Ventures (IV®) announced today that they entered into a license agreement. The deal provides Wistron with access to IV's extensive patent portfolio of more than 35,000 IP assets, and also provides them membership in IV's IP-for-Defense program. Wistron is among the world's largest original design manufacturer (ODM) companies producing information communications technology (ICT) products.

As patent infringement claims increase in the technology sector, companies often find themselves in need of defensive strategies. For customers accused of patent infringement by their competitors, IV's IP-for-Defense program provides them with the ability to obtain patents from IV's portfolio to support counter-assertion, enabling more efficient negotiations in order to reduce liabilities and achieve favorable licensing terms.

"Wistron has a well-established intellectual property policy built on our long-standing practices of fostering integrity, protecting innovations, and mutual respect for intellectual property," said Michael C.M. Wu, general counsel of Wistron Corporation. "We believe our industry needs to encourage a healthy ecosystem that may facilitate creating, capitalizing on, and protecting intellectual property. The signing of this licensing agreement embodies Wistron's strong commitment in adhering to its IP policy and continuous striving to strengthen Wistron's patent portfolio. By entering into a strategic alliance with Intellectual Ventures, Wistron gains an efficient access of patented technologies which can mitigate Wistron's exposure in future patent risks and further help Wistron to stay competitive in the OEM/ODM business."

"Wistron's agreement with IV supplements its existing IP strategy to minimize risk and take advantage of IV's services beyond a basic license agreement," said Don Merino, senior vice president, global licensing sales at Intellectual Ventures. "Ultimately, a strong IP strategy can positively impact market share by contributing to a company's competitive edge. Competitive ODMs, and all technology companies, benefit from addressing their IP needs in a proactive and comprehensive way."  

IV engages with companies of all sizes to meet their current business needs and provide strategic guidance on forward-thinking intellectual property. IV combines scale and expertise to structure sophisticated deals designed to help companies strengthen their market position by reducing their current risk and providing access to the invention rights they need to stay competitive.

About Wistron

Wistron Corporation is a leading Technology Service Provider (TSP) in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry with over US$21.1B in revenue, around 60,000 personnel strategically located in North America, Europe and Asia and broad range of services focuses on ICT products, including mobile devices, desktop systems, display products, servers, network storage systems and communication devices. For more information, please visit www.wistron.com

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