With a Click, Give Dad His Second Half Playbook

Web site provides Dads 55 & over with an informative and entertaining playbook for a great and fulfilling life

Jun 10, 2010, 08:00 ET from Second Half Playbook

SARASOTA, Fla., June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the SecondHalfPlaybook.com, a subscription website devoted to the needs of Dads 55 and older, was launched. Providing tailored content, an innovative one-click user interface and utilizing Disney's concept of entertaining to inform and engage users, the Playbook is a single guide for what all Dads want: living an active and fulfilled life. Plus, Dad is in the safe zone: the Playbook is a private site just for Dads.

The Playbook addresses Dad's Six Fundamentals for Fulfillment:

  • Staying connected with family
  • Building romance in his marriage
  • Maintaining physical and mental health
  • Avoiding investment scams
  • Pursuing interests often delayed while raising a family
  • Staying current with news and technology

Playbook is updated at a daily rate of 100's articles and videos; all content is segmented into 20+ topic Stadiums. Each focuses on a segment of Dad's life. The content is generated by Playbook, aggregators, users and syndicated sources (e.g. Associated Press).

The introductory Father's Day annual subscription fee (with upgrades throughout the year) is $19.95, a 50% savings. For a subscription access www.secondhalfplaybook.com.

Overcomes Facebook Limitations  

The Playbook simplifies Internet usage for men 55 years and older, a population segment that dominates US wealth. Outside of investment sites, men have resisted affinity websites, e.g., Facebook has only penetrated 11% of the US 55+ years old male market(1), less than half their penetration of other segments. Playbook believes the low penetration is a result of…

  • Conflicts between "open" younger vs. a privacy-oriented older generation
  • A younger generation discouraging elders from participating(2)
  • And, a lack of content to keep men interested.  

Playbook Product Strategy

Playbook believes that the Internet creates complexity and privacy issues at a time when men seek simplicity. Playbook will overcome the hurdles by providing…

  • Easy information access with an innovative user interface that eliminates typing, page jumps and irrelevant information results
  • Rich content tailored to men 55 and older
  • Content in an informative, entertaining and engaging format
  • A private and restricted site.

Playbook Topic Stadiums

Each topic Stadium focuses on improving a unique aspect of Dad's life. Presently there are over 20 Stadiums, with new ones added at the rate of 2 per month. Current Stadiums are devoted to:

Avoiding Scams





Feature Stories


Internat'l News



60's Music Festivals






Sports News


US News

Vietnam Vets



Playbook User Interface

The interface assumes a user with minimal typing skills. A  Carousel controls Stadium viewing and selection. Directional arrows move the Carousel either left or right. Clicking on a Stadium icon opens a list of articles on the left, and videos on the right. (For user interface images access: www.secondhalfplaybook/press).

About Second Half Playbook

Second Half Playbook, a Florida LLC, is a technology company addressing individual segments of the Internet market by optimizing the user's experience, The two key technology team members are John Montelione, CEO and Sam Straub, Chief Architect.

Mr. Montelione is the former co-founder of Mercury Computer Systems, founder of Paragon Imaging (acquired by Ceridian Corporation) and founder of Guardian Solutions acquired by Telephonics, division of Griffon Industries. Mr. Straub managed Web Site Development at Accenture (Dallas, TX).  He was responsible for the Java Web applications for Time Warner, Blockbuster, Sprint and other major clients.

The Second Half Playbook LLC is located at 8586 Potter Park Drive, Sarasota, FL 34238. It is the ideal location for performing market research and product usage testing because Sarasota has one of the highest ratio of individuals over 55 to the total population.

Affiliate Program

Second Half Playbook also sponsors an affiliate program. To register email affiliateprograms@secondhalfplaybook.com.


For videos explaining the system, pictures and a full press release with backup imagery and statistics, access http://www.secondhalfplaybook.com/press.

(1)For Facebook Market Penetration, access www.secondhalfplaybook.com/press and open the Press Release - With A Click Give Dad His Second Half Playbook, page 7.

(2)"Oh, No, Mom Joined Facebook," http://www.forbes.com/2010/05/07/social-media-best-practices-forbes-woman-time-twitter-facebook.html

SOURCE Second Half Playbook