With Increased Introduction of Mac Devices Into the Enterprise, Cybersecurity Company Ensilo Makes Real-Time Data Protection Platform Available for OSX

Dramatic Increase in Mac Product Sales and Rise in Malware Facing Mac Users Makes OSX Protection More Critical than Ever

Jan 26, 2016, 09:00 ET from enSilo

TEL AVIV, Israel, January 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Cybersecurity company enSilo announced today that it is extending the coverage of its real-time data protection platform to include Mac OSX. enSilo's unique software enables employees to continue working as usual in the event of malicious attacks, without concern that data will be tampered with or exfiltrated.

As Apple's market presence has increased in recent years, so too has the scope of malware specifically targeting Apple's Mac platform. enSilo challenges the traditional approach to cybersecurity and operating under the assumption that external threat actors cannot be prevented from infiltrating networks. enSilo focuses instead on ensuring that critical data is contained in the event of a cyber-attack, thus preventing the dire consequences of the inevitable infiltration.

After extensive research into OSX, enSilo was able to translate and adapt its patented technology to also support Apple's Mac platform. enSilo's  platform differentiates between malicious and non-malicious outbound communications and blocks in real-time any attempted malicious outbound communication, while allowing legitimate communication to pass through.

"A Mac solution has always been part of our product roadmap," said enSilo CEO and Co-Founder Roy Katmor. "Just like in other hosting platforms, infiltration security solutions such as endpoint protection tools are not adequately capable of combatting targeted attacks. With the number of enterprises using Mac OSX, the amount of malware targeting Mac platforms is predicted to rise. We are giving organizations the ability to eliminate the threat of data exfiltration, which, after all, is the critical problem with cyber-attacks."

enSilo's software allows an organization to continue business as usual without performance degradation in the event of a compromised network. Security teams receive only one alert per one active threat, thus preventing alert inundations. enSilo is available for Windows PC - from Windows XP to Windows 10, Windows Servers (all versions) and now also for Mac OSX (all versions).

About enSilo:  

enSilo is a cybersecurity company that delivers a real-time data protection platform against advanced targeted attacks. With enSilo, organizations can continue running their businesses operations securely without interruption, even during the investigation and remediation of attacks. enSilo is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Carmel Ventures. https://www.ensilo.com

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