With Old-Guard Captcha Solutions Rendered Ineffective by "Captcha Farms", CAPTCHA2.0 is Now Available From SiteBlackBox

A Breakthrough User-Friendly Captcha Solution Designed Specifically to Detect and Fail Captcha Relays, as Well as OCRs and Spammers

Mar 15, 2011, 11:54 ET from SiteBlackBox.com

TEL-AVIV, Israel, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Web security start-up SiteBlackBox.com announces the release of CAPTCHA2.0, a smart web service designed to protect website access from malicious use. Whereas most Captcha solutions focus on telling apart robots from humans, CAPTCHA2.0 takes it up a notch and utilizes patent-pending technologies to combat just as effectively 'Paid Captcha Relays', also known as 'Captcha Farms'. These are black hat providers that recruit workers from low cost markets to manually solve captcha tests for malicious purposes at low wholesale costs thus rendering currently available solutions ineffective.

Captcha technology's goal is to determine if people accessing your site are really human, or machines. For example spambots may automatically create numerous free gmail or facebook accounts to use for sending spam. Others post advertisements as blog comments, or gain access to sites like craigslist.com in order to copy their content. Captchas perform a crucial security role in screening out unwanted access.

Attackers use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to automatically decode these captcha puzzles, while software companies retaliate by creating more difficult and distorted captcha. These became so difficult that legitimate customers find them frustrating and hard to solve.

"The funny thing is that attackers are bypassing these software based solutions altogether," explains Shay Rapaport, CEO of SiteBlackBox.com. "The spambots use readymade tools from 'Captcha Relay Service Providers' ('Captcha Farms') to relay the image to human image-solvers from developing countries. These are paid as low a cent to solve 20 captchas, working from home. CAPTCHA2.0 is the first solution designed specifically to combat Captcha Relay, by determining whether the person solving the captcha is the same person actually browsing the site. Its patent pending technology makes it very difficult for bots and relays to solve, while being very easy for legitimate human users. It uses reputation management to build a database of good and bad users, making spammers interactions even more difficult, and ultimately avoiding testing users it recognizes to be legitimate.

"Every security solution is at bottom line a financial barrier to penetration. The cost of breaking currently available captchas has been reduced to the point where it's cost-effective for spammers to pay 'Captcha Farms' to help their automated activities. They reason they'll get much more financial gain than the cents it costs them to break captchas and exploit your site. Our goal in CAPTCHA2.0 is to make it prohibitively expensive for the spammers to attempt gaining access."

Captcha 2.0 is based on animated GIF technology supported by all browsers and devices. It has an integrated reputation management mechanism to combat spammers.

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