With synergistic effects and a step-wise approach, Sugon goes global

Nov 20, 2015, 06:00 ET from Sugon

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Supercomputing Conference 2015, a global top-class supercomputing feast, took place in Austin, USA. SC with a history of 27 years has long been an arena where global players compete and measure themselves. This time, Sugon embarked on Austin as the seven-time number one player among China's top 100 high-performance computing vendors and the third runner-up on the list of global top 500 supercomputing vendors, with an aim of establishing global presence in high-performance computing sector and implementing and promoting its go-global strategy, not just showing its innovative products and technology.

A step-by-step approach to going global

With the accelerated implementation of Chinese high-level strategies including "the Belt and Road", the performance of Chinese vendors especially Sugon on the global HPC market brings about a greater room for imagination and growth. In July 2015, Sugon launched its international strategy called Open & Invest at ISC15 held in Germany. In less than half a year, Sugon's go-global strategy was deployed across the globe, making rapid and substantial progresses worldwide through multilevel flexible cooperation of various forms.

In Europe, in light of relatively stable market pattern and user habit, Sugon established OEM strategic partnership with ALU targeting corporate users by leveraging its powerful hardware manufacturing capabilities, participating and cultivating the market with product quality. Meanwhile, Sugon secured OTT-based hardware platform development contracts with many TV stations in Turkey and France, gaining a stronghold with easily accessible industry applications.

In Southeast Asian market and Russian and East Europe, Sugon presents its products to local users directly through local channels. In this June, Sugon signed a sole dealership agreement with RRC for distribution of Sugon products in Russia and East Europe. In May, Sugon signed an agreement with Singapore-based ECS, making it the sole distributor of Sugon products in five Southeast Asian countries, while Singapore Solution Test Center was set up to reach out to the entire Southeast Asian market.

Moreover, in South America and Africa, Sugon is deepening its understanding of local markets, especially for Cuba and South Africa, through construction assistance program in response to the Chinese government's strategic deployment, participating in local community development, gaining a stronghold and laying a solid foundation for future business growth. 

Tapping the top-level market in North America through strategic partnership

North America is the most developed market for ICT sector. Faced with a market where heavyweight players are gathered and industry research and applications are most developed, Sugon intensifies its investment to solidify its branding capabilities in North America using a top-level partnership strategy. In this market, Sugon focuses more on strategic alliance and technology integration, and endeavors to transform from a supplier of sever and storage solution into a total service provider, using its technical expertise in hardware equipment and deep understanding and practical experience in HPC industrialized applications, while seeking mutually beneficial business opportunities with partners.

At the recently-held 8th China-US Internet Forum, Sugon President Li Jun noted that How to make use of data to guide national and corporate development, make the planet more livable and cities smarter will be a challenge to all mankind. In this regard, the US has numerous success stories for China to learn from, and Chinese IT companies are gaining more experience from trials and errors and both China and the US enjoy a huge market potential. As a leading HPC and cloud computing player in China, Sugon expects ardently that the two countries will cooperate with mutual trust in such fields as data computing in pursuit of global win-win in the era of digital economy.

In late November, on the occasion of the first anniversary of IPO of Sugon, Sugon became a strategic partner of VMware, a global leading cloud infrastructure and mobile commerce vendor, once again demonstrating Sugon's world-class corporate strategy of seeking all-round, deep cooperation with foreign companies in terms of technology, product, market and industry application. To accommodate the important steps of market transformation, Sugon needs not only to change from an equipment supplier to a service provider but also to join hands with more global leading players to accelerate its go-global process with an open mindset. 

According to its strategy, Sugon will seek cooperation with governments, starting with Washington as the center of East Coast, soliciting IT partners in San Francisco as the hub of West Coast to enrich Sugon's SAAS application-level solutions. In this market, Sugon will provide all-round support to its partners in North America in terms of technology, marketing and market with a more open gesture, investing in projects of potential users in North America using a diversified and flexible cooperation model. In North America, Sugon is actively showing its gesture as a world-class company, establishing a solid presence in this mature market. The exploitation of North America as a world-leading market will undoubtedly facilitate the further business growth of Sugon across the globe. 

When looking at the deployment of Sugon's go-global strategy, Sugon Vice President Wang Lei admitted profoundly that Sugon's success in the go-global process would be impossible without in-house innovation that Sugon has been pursuing for nearly two decades. With the multiyear technological reserve and capabilities, Sugon has become increasingly popular among companies along the value chain, and they have extended olive branches to Sugon in response to market change challenges. the challenges brought about by market changes.

Currently, Sugon has many strategic partners worldwide and constantly pursues market-oriented collaboration, "Sugon Red Map" representing Chinese supercomputing force is expanding worldwide.. On the latest list of TOP 500 SC players unveiled at the SC 2015, Sugon became one of top three in terms of SC market share with its 49 supercomputers by overtaking IBM, a historic breakthrough ever made by a Chinese company in the global SC industry. Sugon is now emerging as a world-class player with a more confident gesture based on in-house innovation and through more industry strategic cooperation, becoming a Chinese force Boosting the global HPC development.

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In the past, Sugon of China has been the leader in Asia SC sector, nowadays, this rising star is now becoming a global critical role step by step. In support of a series of foreign-oriented national strategies represented by "the Belt and Road", Sugon, a company insisting on in-house innovation and pioneering the Chinese speed, is reaching out in all directions in a collaborative manner in the process of tapping the international market. The red gene of Sugon will not hinder but instead is driving Sugon to become a new favorite in the global market.

In domestic market, Sugon has defeated international heavyweight players for seven years from 2009 to 2015, ranking the first place on the list of Chinese top 100 HPC vendors.

In global view, Sugon has become the Asia's No.1 and World's No.6 HPC producer and manufacturer in 2013, and kept rapid growth.