Women Chose A Perfect Hair Day Over Weighing 10 Pounds Less

Survey Conducted by Orofluido™ Beauty Elixir Reveals Women's Preferences

Mar 23, 2011, 20:39 ET from Orofluido

DENVER, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- If only every day could be a perfect hair day. At least that's what 61 percent of women surveyed by Orofluido™ Beauty Elixir chose when asked if they'd rather have a perfect hair day, every day, or weigh 10 pounds less, permanently.

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Orofluido, a premium hair oil inspired by the beauty rituals of ancient Morocco, Egypt and Phoenicia, is a luxury leave-in treatment that contains organic Argan, Cyperus and Linseed oils to impart incredible silkiness, lightness and shine on all hair types. The year-old brand, in association with U30 Group, a comprehensive market research company, recently polled 300 women nationwide to gage their beauty and lifestyle habits.

In addition to confirming the belief that women really are fixated on the appearance of their hair, the survey revealed safety as a high priority for the women polled. An impressive 82 percent of those surveyed wear makeup containing an SPF, and although all of the respondents said they use sunscreen, only 38 percent wear it all year round. However, the other 62 percent slather it on during the summer months. Better yet, 93 percent claim to wear a seat belt at all times, and 78 percent do not text while driving. Oprah would be pleased.

When asked how they would celebrate a good hair day, 45 percent of the women chose dinner with their significant other while some – 28 percent – would gather up the gal pals for a Girls Night Out, and 23 percent would shop for a new outfit.

"It's no surprise that women are concerned about their appearance," said Kristie Chamberlain, Marketing Manager, Colomer Beauty Brands, a division of The Colomer Group that owns Orofluido. "But we were pleasantly surprised to learn that many more women opted for a good hair day over weight loss. Orofluido is the ultimate elixir that can provide a great hair experience due to its unique and exquisite blend of oils, and its delicious fragrance. Orofluido also absorbs quickly into the hair, a benefit that can reduce drying and styling time while leaving the hair full of body, movement, and shine – all elements that we think contribute to a good hair day," proclaimed Chamberlain.  

Like a good hair day, perhaps decadence is simply irresistible. When asked about their willpower, only 28 percent of the women surveyed opted for a serving of fruit. A whopping 72 percent would indulge in a decadent dessert. "We think of Orofluido as an affordably decadent hair care product," said Chamberlain.

Orofluido is currently available in 3.4 oz/100 ml bottles and comes with three samples, ideal for traveling or to share with friends, for $39.99. Orofluido is owned by The Colomer Group of Barcelona, Spain and is operated in the U.S. by the Colomer Beauty Brands. Orofluido is available exclusively at professional salons worldwide. For information, visit www.orofluido.com.

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