Women's Clothing Line Takes Flirty Approach to Empowerment & Women's 'Assets'

Aug 26, 2015, 14:06 ET from PiLLOOHS

ATLANTA, Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Live. Laugh. Fluff. That's the tagline for a cool women's clothing line, PiLLOOHS, that was recently launched to promote women's "assets", confidence, empowerment and fun. The brand's idea first came to Tuan Pham, company creator/founder, early in the morning, when he was tired from hanging out late and wanted to rest his head on a pillow.

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"I started thinking about how soft and comfortable pillows are and immediately thought of some of my favorite features of a woman namely her tatas and derriere," he laughs. He was brainstorming a creative name for the brand and thought of the "OO" in the restaurant Hooters and the lightbulb went off!  PiLLOOHS was born. "A woman's assets can be soft or firm, much like pillows. I do believe there is room for this type of brand and that there could be a nice sized niche market for PiLLOOHS," says Tuan. 

The PiLLOOHS' brand represents women who are fun, happy and confident. A small, local business, the brand is dedicated to making women feel comfortable in their own skin. Its goal is to make cute, sexy and comfortable clothes for women of all ages.  This is a brand that is truly made for the ladies.

Wearing a PiLLOOHS shirt is a flirty and fun way for women to flaunt it, without being too over the top.  The PiLLOOHS' brand is all about making women feel happy and secure with who they are, no matter their size. It's about inspiring women to love their bodies just the way they are.

The brand stands for confidence and its clothes are designed to make women feel happy with their self-image, to follow their dreams and to live and learn to be the best people that they can be.  

Currently, products are limited to a small selection of t-shirts that are available on its online store. Most are manufactured in the United States and are cotton blends. They are hoping to add more products in the near future. The company's wish list includes: more t-shirt designs, shorts, pajamas, swimwear, workout clothing called Body PiLLOOHS, and maternity wear called Pregnant PiLLOOHS.

In addition, PiLLOOHS recognizes the importance of philanthropy, giving back and helping others. Once they are able to expand their women's clothing line it hopes to set up a fund for breast cancer called, "Firm Believer Foundation."

Ready for a little PiLLOOHS talk? Visit: www.PiLLOOHS.com.