WorkFlowSoft Reinvents the Internal Workflow Management System to Keep Projects on Schedule

Jul 01, 2015, 08:00 ET from WorkFlowSoft

PRAGUE, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Company workflows will never be the same again

WorkFlowSoft announces a new solution to firms' accountability problems. WorkFlowSoft combines tasks and workflows into one innovative tool, providing accurate information, the most precious resource of any business wishing to lead their field.

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Company projects, whether they are sales reports, design development or customer response solutions, all share several key features: they must be tracked for timeliness, they are subject to staged approvals and they must be accountable to due-dates. As projects grow, they can span several departments, offices and even time zones. Keeping track of all this information can be difficult, leading to the frustration of unanswered emails, endless weekly progress meetings and the dreaded question, "How's the project going?"

With WorkFlowSoft in place, users (and everyone the user reports to) will know how the project is going, instantly, in real-time as the work flows seamlessly, on time and on budget. WorkFlowSoft makes the complicated simple, putting essential information in the hands of those who move the work forward. It is intuitive and unlike other corporate workflows, does not require extensive training.

WorkFlowSoft has many convenient features including:

  • Available as a convenient cloud service, or as an on-site application
  • Works in standalone mode or connected to Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Active Directory
  • Supports more than 2 million tasks and more than 20,000 users for each customer
  • Designed to be used both on PCs and mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones with auto-adaptive screen size
  • Managers can browse the tasks of their employees and take any actions on their behalf
  • Task dates are calculated with due consideration given to time zones, which is useful for employee coordination in geographically distributed companies. Task due dates can be simultaneously viewed in the time zone of the task creator and assignee
  • The intuitive graphic workflow editor allows users to create pre-configured task sequences, where the start of a subsequent task depends on outcomes of several previous assignments

Why WorkFlowSoft?

WorkFlowSoft founder Valentin Kudryavtsev was frustrated by how corporate workflows had grown impossibly complicated and was determined to find a solution. Various software solutions promised an answer to this problem and many did it very well, but none had successfully integrated the ability to put a full picture in the hands of those who needed to know. He devoted himself to that integrated solution and WorkFlowSoft is the result. "I feel that WorkFlowSoft has the possibility to mostly, if not entirely, replace email in the future," he said in a recent interview.

WorkFlowSoft is available for a 15-day free trial and/or purchase here. For more detailed information applicable to your specific needs, contact

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Valentin Kudryavtsev
Founder of WorkFlowSoft

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