Workplace Valentine's Day Affairs: Eddie Redmayne Voted Celebrity UK's Most Coveted Stationary Cupboard Canoodle… And Katie Price the Worst

Feb 12, 2016, 09:45 ET from Global iLabs

LONDON, February 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

In a virtual world of dating apps and online love, just how big a role does the UK workplace still play in the love stakes? Global iLabs - the makers of the multi award winning and revolutionary recruitment and deployment app tabs® ( ) commissioned a Valentine's Day survey to discover how work still impacts on romance. Then delved into the world of celebrity fantasies to really ruffle the nation's work suit.

37% of couples within the respondent group actually met in the workplace - how lovely?… Until you discover that 24% of those admitted to actually fancying another colleague to begin with! 71% admitted to having a work date disaster, with 32% of those actually considering getting another job to avoid red faces rather than red roses across the shop floor. While only 35% admitted to a workplace affair, 60% of all illicit affairs in the UK actually start in work.

A massive 67% admitted to lusting after one of the bosses, with 56% agreeing that power is an added attraction when looking for a suitable partner. While 79% admitted to being or having been secretly in love with a colleague in an unrequited encounter more bittersweet than a lemon soft centre in a box of Valentine's Day chocolates.

Pertinently for tabs® the largest segment in agreement was over the romance potential of the temporary worker, with a whopping 92% of single people admitting to going out of their way to espy the new addition to the workplace; red rose petal coloured spectacles firmly in place!

When the tabs® survey added in the celebrity fantasy element things became even more interesting. Least favorite celebrity temp romances were Katie Price and George Osborne, while most favorite celebrity Valentine's temps were Mark Wright and Daisy Ridley.

Eddie Redmayne led the pack when it came to celebrity CEO's for the ladies, while Tom Hardy topped the blue collar list, clearly being visualized in an overall than a tuxedo on the award's red carpet. For the men Helen Mirren topped the female boss list, with a nod across the pond to Jennifer Lawrence, voted must fun female colleague.

Greg Wixted MD and Inventor in Chief of tabs® said, "tabs® is a product of the modern world, utilising cutting-edge smart technology to enable businesses to recruit and deploy the very best talent - just like the dating world in the 21st Century! But it's great to know that when it comes to real-world romance the office, the factory or shop floor or the staff canteen can still herald the start of a great relationship."


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SOURCE Global iLabs