World Construction Aggregates Market

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World Construction Aggregates Market

World demand to rise more than 5% yearly through 2017

Through 2017, worldwide sales of construction aggregates are forecast to expand more than five percent per year to 53 billion metric tons. Following recent severe declines from 2007 to 2012, aggregates demand is projected to rebound sharply in North America and Western Europe as construction activity picks up. Eastern Europe is also expected to register faster growth through 2017.

However, the global market will continue to be driven by above-average growth in the large Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast regions. The nonbuilding market for construction aggregates is expected to outpace the building segment through 2017, as governments in both developed and industrializing countries invest heavily in public infrastructures.

China alone to claim over half of all new demand Between 2012 and 2017, more than 50 percent of all additional construction aggregates demand generated will be attributable to China, the world's leading consumer of these products. Massive gains in building and nonbuilding construction activity will stimulate product demand in China. However, as the Chinese market matures, growth is expected to decelerate noticeably from the pace of the last decade. Aggregates consumption in India, the Asia/Pacific region's second largest market, will expand at a faster pace through 2017.

The construction aggregates markets of Eastern Europe, North America, and Western Europe are projected to expand between three and five percent per annum through 2017. As these regions recover from financial and fiscal crises, residential, commercial, and public works construction activity will rebound, generating additional demand for aggregates. North America and Eastern Europe will record somewhat faster growth than Western Europe during the 2012-2017 period. In terms of major countries, Spain, Russia, the United States, and Italy are expected to perform particularly well, as there is a considerable amount of pent-up demand in these markets.

Crushed stone to offer best growth opportunities

The crushed stone segment is expected to account for one-half of all new product demand generated between 2012 and 2017. Crushed stone will continue to benefit from its numerous performance features, such as durability and strength.

Crushed stone is also projected to gain a larger share of the aggregates market due to the depletion of sand and gravel reserves in many countries around the world, including China, India, Japan, and Norway. However, crushed stone demand will be moderated by the increasing availability of manufactured sand, and alternative and recycled aggregates.

Hydraulic concrete to be fastest growing market Worldwide sales of construction aggregates for hydraulic concrete applications are expected to grow slightly faster than the global average annual rate through 2017. Three-fifths of all new aggregates demand between 2012 and 2017 will be attributable to the hydraulic concrete segment. The development of new hydraulic concrete formulations -- which will expand the range of uses for concrete -- is expected to spur gains in the segment. Because of advances in new road construction and existing road improvement and repair, global sales of aggregates for road base and coverings, and asphaltic concrete applications are expected to accelerate through 2017. Study coverage This upcoming Freedonia industry study, World Construction Aggregates, is available for $6100. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007, and 2012, plus forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product, market, application, world region, and for 30 countries. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles global players. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION xiiI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4

General 4World Economic Overview 5Recent Historical Trends 5World Economic Outlook 7World Demographic Overview 11World Population Outlook 11Urban Population Outlook 13World Construction Outlook 15Residential Building Construction 18Nonresidential Building Construction 20Nonbuilding Construction 22World Paved Road Overview 24World Cement Overview 26Construction Aggregates Pricing Patterns 28Technology Trends 31Environmental & Regulatory Considerations 35Waste Disposal & Recycling 38Health & Safety Issues 40


General 41World Construction Aggregates Market 42Demand by Region 43Demand by Type 47Crushed Stone 50Sand 52Gravel 54Other 55Demand by Market 58Residential Building Construction 61Nonresidential Building Construction 63Nonbuilding Construction 65Demand by Application 67Hydraulic Concrete 69Road Base & Coverings 71Asphaltic Concrete 73Other 75


General 78Construction Aggregates Demand 80United States 86Canada 93Mexico 100


General 107Construction Aggregates Demand 109Germany 114France 121Italy 127Spain 134United Kingdom 140Other Western Europe 146Netherlands 152Austria 153Sweden 154Belgium 155All Other 155


General 158Construction Aggregates Demand 160China 165India 173Japan 180South Korea 186Indonesia 192Other Asia/Pacific 199Vietnam 206Thailand 208Australia 208All Other 209


Central & South America 211General 211Construction Aggregates Demand 213Brazil 218Other Central & South America 224Argentina 230Colombia 231All Other 232Eastern Europe 233General 233Construction Aggregates Demand 235Russia 240Poland 248Other Eastern Europe 254Africa/Mideast 260General 260Construction Aggregates Demand 262Iran 268Turkey 274Saudi Arabia 280Other Africa/Mideast 286Egypt 293All Other 294


General 296Industry Composition 297Market Share 300Manufacturing & Product Development 305Marketing 308Distribution 310Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures 311Cooperative Agreements 315Company Profiles 317AB Sydsten, see Cementir HoldingsAggregate Industries, see HolcimAkcansa Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret, seeHeidelbergCementAl Futtaim Tarmac Quarry Products, see Anglo AmericanAlamo Cement, see Buzzi UnicemAlliance Construction Materials, see HeidelbergCementAnglo American plc 319Asamer Holding AG 321Boral Limited 322Brett (Robert) & Sons Limited 325Buzzi Unicem SpA 327Cadman, see HeidelbergCementCallanan Industries, see CRHCarmeuse Group SA 329Cementir Holding SpA 331CEMEX NI, see CRHCEMEX SAB de CV 333Cimentos de Portugal SGPS SA 338Ciments Francais, see ItalcementiCRH plc 340Dyckerhoff, see Buzzi UnicemEssroc Cement, see ItalcementiFisher Sand & Gravel Company 348Gorazdze Kruszywa Sp zoo, see HeidelbergCementGranite Construction Incorporated 349Hanson, see HeidelbergCementHeidelbergCement AG 350Holcim Limited 358Irving Materials Incorporated 366Italcementi SpA 367Lafarge SA 369Lafarge Tarmac, see Anglo American and LafargeLasselsberger GmbH 373LB Minerals Sro, see LasselsbergerLehigh Hanson, see HeidelbergCementLuck Stone Corporation 375Martin Limestone, see New Enterprise Stone & LimeMartin Marietta Materials Incorporated 376Metromix, see HeidelbergCementMidland Quarry Products, see HeidelbergCementMineral Resource Technologies, see CEMEXBNCC AB 378New Enterprise Stone & Lime Company Incorporated 380Nordkalk, see Rettig GroupNorStone, see HeidelbergCementNorthstone NI, see CRHOldcastle Materials, see CRHOlsztynskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych, see CRHPennsy Supply, see CRHPioneer Materials, see CRHPJ Keating, see CRHReady Mix USA, see CEMEXBRettig Group Limited 383Roadstone Dublin, see CRHRoadstone Provinces, see CRHRogers Group Incorporated 384Rudus, see CRHSagrex Holding, see HeidelbergCementSand & Grus Jehander, see HeidelbergCementSeparation Technologies, see Titan CementSt. Marys VCNA, see Votorantim ParticipaçõesStaker Parson Companies, see CRHTaiheiyo Cement Corporation 386Tarmac Group, see Anglo AmericanTexas Industries Incorporated 387Tilcon Connecticut, see CRHTitan Cement Company SA 389Trap Rock Industries, see CRHVicat Group SA 391VINCI Group 392Votorantim Participações SA 394Vulcan Materials Company 396Other Companies Mentioned in Study 398


Summary Table 3


1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region 102 World Population by Region 133 World Urban Population 154 World Construction Expenditures by Type & Region 175 Residential Building Construction Expenditures by Region 206 World Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 227 World Nonbuilding Construction Expenditures by Region 248 World Paved Roads by Region 269 World Cement Demand by Region 2810 World Construction Aggregates Pricing 31


1 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Region 462 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Type 493 World Crushed Stone Demand by Region 514 World Sand Demand by Region 535 World Gravel Demand by Region 556 World Demand for Other Construction Aggregatesby Region 587 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Market 608 World Residential Construction Aggregates Demandby Region 639 World Nonresidential Construction Aggregates Demandby Region 6510 World Nonbuilding Construction Aggregates Demandby Region 6711 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Application 6812 World Hydraulic Concrete Aggregates Demand by Region 7113 World Road Base & Coverings Aggregates Demandby Region 7314 World Asphaltic Concrete Aggregates Demand by Region 7515 World Demand for Construction Aggregates used in OtherApplications 77


1 North America: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 802 North America: Construction Aggregates Demand 853 United States: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 884 United States: Construction Aggregates Demand 935 Canada: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 956 Canada: Construction Aggregates Demand 997 Mexico: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1028 Mexico: Construction Aggregates Demand 106


1 Western Europe: Construction AggregatesMarket Environment 1092 Western Europe: Construction Aggregates Demand 1133 Germany: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1164 Germany: Construction Aggregates Demand 1205 France: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1226 France: Construction Aggregates Demand 1267 Italy: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1298 Italy: Construction Aggregates Demand 1339 Spain: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 13510 Spain: Construction Aggregates Demand 13911 United Kingdom: Construction AggregatesMarket Environment 14112 United Kingdom: Construction Aggregates Demand 14513 Other Western Europe: Construction Aggregates MarketEnvironment 14714 Other Western Europe: Construction Aggregates Demand 15115 Other Western Europe: Construction Aggregates Demand byCountry 152


1 Asia/Pacific: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1602 Asia/Pacific: Construction Aggregates Demand 1643 China: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1674 China: Construction Aggregates Demand 1725 India: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1756 India: Construction Aggregates Demand 1797 Japan: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 1818 Japan: Construction Aggregates Demand 1859 South Korea: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 18810 South Korea: Construction Aggregates Demand 19111 Indonesia: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 19412 Indonesia: Construction Aggregates Demand 19813 Other Asia/Pacific: Construction AggregatesMarket Environment 20114 Other Asia/Pacific: Construction Aggregates Demand 20515 Other Asia/Pacific: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country 206


1 Central & South America: Construction Aggregates MarketEnvironment 2132 Central & South America: Construction Aggregates Demand 2173 Brazil: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 2204 Brazil: Construction Aggregates Demand 2235 Other Central & South America: Construction AggregatesMarket Environment 2256 Other Central & South America: Construction AggregatesDemand 2297 Other Central & South America: Construction AggregatesDemand by Country 2308 Eastern Europe: Construction AggregatesMarket Environment 2359 Eastern Europe: Construction Aggregates Demand 23910 Russia: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 24211 Russia: Construction Aggregates Demand 24712 Poland: Construction Aggregates Demand by Market 24913 Poland: Construction Aggregates Demand 25314 Other Eastern Europe: Construction AggregatesMarket Environment 25515 Other Eastern Europe: Construction Aggregates Demand 25916 Africa/Mideast: Construction AggregatesMarket Environment 26217 Africa/Mideast: Construction Aggregates Demand 26718 Iran: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 27019 Iran: Construction Aggregates Demand 27320 Turkey: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 27521 Turkey: Construction Aggregates Demand 27922 Saudi Arabia: Construction Aggregates Market Environment 28223 Saudi Arabia: Construction Aggregates Demand 28524 Other Africa/Mideast: Construction Aggregates MarketEnvironment 28825 Other Africa/Mideast: Construction Aggregates Demand 29226 Other Africa/Mideast: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country 293


1 Construction Aggregates Sales by Company, 2012 2992 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 3133 Selected Cooperative Agreements 316


1 World Construction Expenditures by Type, 2012 18


1 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Region, 2012 472 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Type, 2012 493 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Market, 2012 614 World Construction Aggregates Demand by Application, 2012 69


1 North America: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country, 2012 86


1 Western Europe: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country, 2012 114


1 Asia/Pacific: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country, 2012 165


1 Central & South America: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country, 2012 2182 Eastern Europe: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country, 2012 2403 Africa/Mideast: Construction Aggregates Demandby Country, 2012 268


1 World Construction Aggregates Market Share, 2012 300

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