World Cup a Catalyst for Iconic Façade Trends and Developments in South Africa Construction Industry

Jun 22, 2010, 13:11 ET from IQPC Middle East

JOHANNESBURG, June 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan targeted over $100 billion in infrastructure spending over the next three years in his 2010 maiden budget, potentially providing a boost to jobs moving forward.


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South Africa has always viewed the hosting of the World Cup as a catalyst for development whose benefits will be felt long after the World Cup has been and gone. That's why the national government has spent almost $3.9 billion on transportation (roads, airports, and ports of entry), telecommunications infrastructure, as well as stadiums (building six new ones and upgrading another four).

The government's relentless dedication to continued construction investment coupled with the move towards sustainability provides fresh hope for the South African construction industry. Over recent years the region has seen a significant change in building size and shapes, with a significant rise in taller more iconic projects.

In order to facilitate these changes, the region has recognised the importance of the façade on overall energy efficiency, sustainability and building aesthetics.

In an upcoming conference the region's leading architects, developers and consultants will come together to discuss upcoming projects in South Africa and challenges facing the industry.

In the opening session Franc Brugman, Director, Bentel Associates International will provide a detailed overview of façade trends and developments in South Africa. During his discussion he will explore current architectural and aesthetical discourse and the impact of rising electricity prices on international investments.

Façade Design and engineering South Africa will take place from the 02 - 05 August 2010 and is validated by The South African Institute of Architectural Technologists as a Category 1 CPD event.

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