World Education Services Enhances State-of-the-Art International GPA Calculator

Oct 13, 2010, 08:00 ET from World Education Services

Helps Colleges Quickly Determine Admissions Eligibility

NEW YORK, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- World Education Services (WES) has enhanced its international grade point average (iGPA) calculator to include secondary school grade scales from over 150 countries. The online tool helps universities and colleges quickly and efficiently convert an international student's grades into the 4.0 U.S. grading system, streamlining the decision process for admissions and transfer credit.

"We have incorporated the feedback we've been receiving about the iGPA Calculator™ to make a more relevant product that includes secondary school grades," said Mariam Assefa, executive director of World Education Services. "We recognize that the faster a college or university can assess a student's qualifications, the faster the student could be eligible for enrollment."

For academic institutions impacted by a struggling U.S. economy, foreign students are playing a booming role in recruiting and enrollment decisions, but assessing their candidacy can be complex and time-consuming. The WES iGPA™ Calculator makes the cumbersome process faster and easier.  To use the tool, campus staff select a country and input the high school or higher education grades indicated in the international student's transcript. The WES iGPA Calculator™ quickly converts the grades into the U.S. 4.0 grading scale.

"The WES secondary calculator is a great tool. No more looking for scales and equivalencies in my reference books. I recommend the WES iGPA calculator to anyone in higher education looking for an efficient method of calculating secondary grades. I use it daily to process academic transcripts because it puts the information you need at your fingertips. It is a great idea and such a timesaver," said Vicki Villarreal, international admissions administrator, at Ball State University.

Institutions pay a nominal fee for use. Contact: Frank Guttilla, director of Product Management ( for more information.

More About iGPA - The grading scales used in the WES iGPA Calculator™ are based on 35 years of experience with over 500,000 clients worldwide. The grade conversions include the most common grading scales for each country. Visit to learn more.

About WES: World Education Services, Inc. ( is the largest non-profit credential evaluation service in the United States. Started in 1974, WES is a non-profit organization that has delivered over 750,000 credential evaluation reports to educational, business, and governmental institutions worldwide.

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