World Premiere at INTA 2013: the IP CostCalculator - "IPCC"

May 06, 2013, 09:23 ET from Brandstock Services AG

MUNICH and NEW YORK, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

- Five new features making the world's Number 1 even better

Brandstock is bringing the all-new IP CostCalculator - "IPCC" - to INTA 2013. After having its world premiere at the IP trade fair, the software tool will be available for general purchase in September.

What's new about the IPCC?

Its user interface, its interior structure and - for buyers of its premium versions - five mission-critical features.

Since being launched in 2002, the IPCC - created by the Munich-based BRANDSTOCK SERVICES AG - has brought cost and operational accountability and competitiveness to the world of intellectual property. These capabilities have joined ease of use and verified and verifiable results in making the IPCC the most widely used tool in the trademark sector.

To enhance the IPCC's cost-crunching and results tracking and optimization capacities, Brandstock has completely re-engineered it. Especially innovative and revolutionary are five new features. These are available for users of the IPCC's premium versions.

  • Benchmarking module

This module enables your company to compare the fees that it is currently paying for IP services with those levied industry-wide and in your jurisdiction of interest. The IPCC also offers operation-specific averages and best-in-market figures.

  • Central verification of official fees

Instead of the "estimates" supplied by other products, the IPCC has always relied on exact figures supplied by its network of designated agents. The need to achieve true comparability through standardization of terms and scopes has led Brandstock to centralize the fee reporting by setting up a dedicated unit.

The advantage for you: access to a world-spanning, single-source of such fees.

  • WIPO fees - built in!

The new IPCC incorporates - as the first tool worldwide - the WIPO fees - accomplished via a Web-based feed - in its calculations. There is therefore no need to open an additional window to access the WIPO Fee Calculator. This is now included in the new IPCC version.

  • Currency reporter and converter - built in!

The IPCC's calculations are performed in the currency of your choice - US dollar, Euro or Japanese yen. Their rates of exchange are always up-to-the-second accurate.

  • Exportability of results as an Excel spreadsheet

"The way to succeed in today's ever-more competitive IP world is to maximize cost/output ratios and tracking and benchmarking capabilities. The IP CostCalculator represents one of IP's most widely-availed upon ways of doing such. Our tool's new features will enhance this position of market leadership," states Volker Spitz, Brandstock CEO.

"Today's market demands absolute transparency. This is the only way to build trust and strong relationships. The new IPCC delivers exact figures - instead of estimates - and supplies the names behind the numbers!"
Kersten Bassow, Brandstock, Head of Department IPCC, explains the IPCC's uniquely strong appeal.

Key Facts:

The IP CostCalculator

is unbeatably quick and comprehensive

because it provides within a few seconds a report on the cost of IP service provision for any and all transactions.

is unbeatably accurate

The reports are based on real-life fees and conditions, and not on the 'averages' and 'assumptions' used by other programs. That means exact figures instead of estimates!

offers unbeatable, one-click access to our IP directory, one of the world's largest networks of IP associates

offers unbeatable savings

The IPCC can be used to compare fees charged by attorneys in more than 180 countries. The IPCC also presents the attorneys' standard and special-customer rates.


Brandstock is Germany's number one provider of IP services. It is one of the world's leading and fastest growing developers and providers of IT-based intellectual property tools and services. These, in turn, form the operating backbone of mission-critical outsourcing and global sourcing commissions. Thanks to these IT-based software and services, Brandstock is the cost and innovation leader in intellectual property.

Key business areas: global sourcing and outsourcing, searches, IP cost calculation and budgeting, filings, renewals and assignment projects, domain management, enforcement and IP valuation.

For further information:

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Kersten Bassow, Head of Department IP Cost Calculator
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