World's First 3-D Broadcast Nationwide for All TVs in Full Color

Rachael Ray ground breaking episode "Halloween Bash in 3-D" to be broadcast on Oct 29

Oct 25, 2010, 08:27 ET from 3-D Vision, Inc.

WESTBURY, N.Y., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Rachael Ray Show, along with 3-D Vision, Inc., (both based in New York), are taking a major step forward in the exploding 3-D TV market. On October 29, "Rach's Halloween Bash in 3-D" will be broadcast to millions of viewers with 3-D Vision's revolutionary new 3-D process called "FullColor 3D™". The Rachael Ray show is the first to use this revolutionary 3-D process in a commercial TV broadcast (sponsored in part by Sarah Lee). The show will be viewable in full-color and in 3-D on all existing TV sets, 2-D and 3-D, thanks to a new type of 3-D glasses which will be given away to over 2.4 million viewers in the October 25 issue of TV Guide Magazine. Gene Dolgoff, 3-D Vision's CEO, commented, "It's gratifying to begin commercial application of our unique 3-D technologies with the forward-thinking innovators at the Rachael Ray show." Joe Freed, the Co-Executive Producer of the show said, "We've been dying to make a 3-D show for a long time and are excited to be working with 3-D Vision! We are looking forward to seeing how they bring this opportunity to life!"

The new "FullColor 3D™" process uses glasses that eliminate previous 3-D TV problems by providing full-color images in 3-D, utilizing patent-pending balanced brightness and color filters, that can be worn during an entire 3-D show without discomfort. 3-D Vision, Inc. is now making this new process available for use with all TV broadcasts. "FullColor 3D™" can bring full color 3-D TV to everyone right away, on all TV sets, without the need to buy a new 3-D TV. The same glasses also provide full-color 3-D viewing of all printed images for the first time ever, as demonstrated in the same upcoming October 25 issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Another revolutionary aspect of the upcoming 3-D show is that it was converted to 3-D using a new process called "Auto-3-D™", which allows completion in a short time at a reasonable cost. The Rachael Ray 3-D episode took only 2 weeks to convert, utilizing only 3 computer operators, and was done at a fraction of the cost of conventional 3-D conversion.

A further advantage of this new conversion process is that it can produce a more natural-looking 3-D experience than conventional 3-D conversion methods This is because the "Auto-3-D™" process uses actual 3-D information present in 2-D video frames and automatically displays scene components at different depths based on the depth information normally hidden in the original 2-D video.

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