World's Top Panel Companies Join Forces with Imperium to Advance Data Quality across the Market Research Industry

Panel Services and Technology Leaders Partner to Create ICE™ -- The First Broad-Based Category Exclusion Program

Jun 10, 2010, 13:10 ET from Toluna

WESTPORT, Conn.,  June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's major panel companies-- collectively accounting for more than 50% of global online sample--have come together with Imperium, a leading technology development firm, to create Imperium Data Exclusion (ICE™), the first broad-based category exclusion  program for the market research industry.  Authentic Response, e-Rewards, Global Market Insite, Inc. (GMI), Survey Sampling International, Toluna and U-Samp have formed an industry-wide ICE User Group--which is open to any panel services company--with the goal of driving optimal sample quality.

The ICE User Group is a complementary partnership that is focused on delivering major quality advances to the market research industry.  The panel company members bring deep knowledge of sampling and research, while Imperium adds extensive experience in the design,  development and execution of technology solutions.  By collaborating to bring these capabilities together, the ICE User Group is working to drive significant improvements in data integrity that will benefit the entire industry.

ICE is the third component in the suite of data quality offerings Imperium provides to the global market research industry, including the Verity™ respondent validation service and the RelevantID® digital fingerprinting technology.  Available to all RelevantID users, ICE makes product category part of each respondent's digital fingerprint.  As a respondent takes an ICE client survey, this data can be used to exclude those who have recently participated in similar surveys, helping to eliminate potential respondent biases.

"What's unique about the ICE offering is that it provides a broader approach to category exclusions," said Marshall Harrison, Founder and CEO of Imperium.  "Companies often rely on multiple sources for survey respondents, and while respondent providers can exclude individuals that have recently participated in a study for a specific product category, ICE helps the industry look at respondent behaviors in full to make more educated sampling decisions.

"Many market research firms look to partner with a third-party provider for solutions to ensure the validity, uniqueness and responsiveness of survey respondents.   Imperium is a provider for the industry's largest and most forward-thinking firms, including Toluna, Survey Sampling, eRewards,  Authentic Response, GMI and U-Samp.  We are proud these panel leaders looked to us to help evolve their data quality with the creation of ICE™."

The panel companies taking part in the collaboration are equally pleased to be working with Imperium to broaden the industry's range of data quality tools.  ICE User Group members agree that the solutions coming out of the partnership will ensure all panel companies can provide their clients with the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

"Our clients look to us to provide a quality product, no questions asked.  Having the ability to broaden our approach to category exclusions is an invaluable tool to us and our clients," adds Hugh Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, Toluna.  "By working with our cross-industry team, we are able to make greater quality strides in a faster timeframe than any of us could achieve alone—and our clients will realize the benefits."

About Imperium

Imperium is a leading technology development firm specializing in the design, development, implementation and support of database systems for business intelligence and integrated e-business solutions. Imperium provides innovative products and services in the areas of market research, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, marketing, advertising and web design.

Our brands include RelevantID® - the leading industry digital fingerprinting technology for fraud prevention, Verity™ –the data validation service that confirms the accuracy of a person's name, address and other demographics, and RelevantView® --  technology that captures user's online experience on websites and web applications. Imperium is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.  

About Toluna

Toluna is the world's leading  independent  online  panel  and  survey  technology  provider  to  the global  market  research  industry.  The  company  provides  online  sample  and  survey  technology solutions  to  the  world's  leading  market  research  agencies,  media  agencies  and  corporations,  from its 17 offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. In 2009, Toluna welcomed Greenfield Online and Ciao Surveys into the group – complementing its traditional strengths in Europe  and  increasing  its  online  sample  and  delivery  capacity  in  the  US,  Canada  and  Asia Pacific.

Unlike  other  panel  providers,  Toluna  has  developed  a  unique  online  community  approach  to the management of its panels. Through the use of web 2.0-based technology it has created the world's   first   social   voting   community   site,   focusing   on   maximizing   panelist engagement  to  offer  increased  survey  responsiveness  and  data  reliability  to  its  clients.  In addition  Toluna  is  enabling  organizations  to  generate  valuable  customer  insight  by  creating,  hosting and managing their own online communities using its software as a service community managementsolution; PanelPortal™ Toluna's  portfolio  of  research  technology  solutions  also  include QuickSurveys™    --   an online  self-service   tool that enables you to ask 1-5 questions and receive 1,000 responses in a few hours, Interactive Voice Response,  mobile  survey  capabilities  and  BrandSpector™  a  new  approach  to  measuring  the efficiency and effectiveness of online advertising campaigns using the Toluna online panel.

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