Worldwide Express CEO Outlines Five Ways to Figure Out If a Company's Culture Fits You

CEO David Kiger offers tips on evaluating the company culture of a potential employer

Jul 01, 2013, 07:18 ET from Worldwide Express

DALLAS, July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the most overlooked yet vital, emotionally-involved relationships in people's lives is their relationship with their employer.  Determining whether you will fit into a company's culture during the job search process can be critical to workplace happiness, according to David Kiger, CEO and founder of Worldwide Express, a Dallas-based global package and freight shipping firm.


The term "company culture" can cover a vast territory, including how employees approach their work, how superiors treat them, and how they dress in the office. "These may sound like small details, but you'd be surprised how miserable you'll be if you land in an office that's a bad cultural match for you. It can make each workday a death march to 5 p.m.," explained Kiger, whose company was recently named Glassdoor's No. 1 employer for career advancement.

The Worldwide Express CEO offered these five strategies for ensuring your future employer is the right cultural fit for you:

  1. Ask creative questions.  "Asking the right questions during the interview process is crucial to developing a complete understanding of a potential employer's culture. Try something like this: 'Can you describe your corporate culture in three words?' It forces the interviewer to boil down the answer to a telling essence," Kiger said.
  2. Look around. "Be observant while visiting the office. How are people dressed? How do they seem to be interacting with each other? What's on their desks? If you pay attention, you'll see beyond what you're told about a company's culture to get a glimpse of what it will actually be like working there," said Kiger.
  3. Do your homework. "Read all the media clips you can find on a company and look for common themes," Kiger advised. "Does the company appear in the headlines as a supporter for the greater public good? You can tell a lot from a company's public image as reflected in the media."
  4. Quiz current employees. "Your interviewer should offer the opportunity to talk with other current employees from throughout the organization. If he or she doesn't, ask for the opportunity. Use it to probe what they love about the place and to get a sense of whom you will be working with," Kiger said.
  5. Read employer review sites. "Sites such as Glassdoor, where a potential employee can see what current and past employees say about working at a company, should play an important part of your research," Kiger said. "While the anonymous nature of such information can lend itself to negative reviews, a company that receives a large number of positive reviews on Glassdoor, citing consistent themes, is likely a good environment."

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