Worldwide Express Launches New Freight and Shipping Technology: SpeedFreight 2.0 and SpeedShip 2.0

Dallas-based logistics company updates online freight and express shipping platforms.

Mar 15, 2013, 09:44 ET from Worldwide Express

DALLAS, March 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- David R. Kiger, CEO and founder of Worldwide Express, a Dallas-based package and freight shipping firm, has launched its new and improved freight and express shipping technology platform with SpeedShip 2.0 and SpeedFreight 2.0.


"Historically, most shipping companies have set up their UPS ® customers on SpeedShip 1.0," said Kiger, who founded Worldwide Express in 1995. "Moving forward, all of Worldwide Express' UPS customers will gain the advantages of SpeedShip 2.0."

The main advantage of the new version is the ability to set up distinct preferences per login. Version 2.0 was created to provide more control from the admin level and overall improved usability for everyone.

The earlier versions, SpeedShip 1.0 and SpeedFreight 1.0, will still be operational, but new Worldwide Express customers will be introduced to the 2.0 technology. Current customers will adopt versions 2.0 over time, and plans for a new version are already in development.

"Worldwide Express will be able to smoothly transition current customers to the improved platforms," added Kiger. "Both SpeedShip and SpeedFreight offer the ability to import addresses from 1.0 to 2.0 with one click of a button."

SpeedShip and SpeedFreight provide customers with an enhanced interface and a wider selection of requirements and specifications. Customers will have the ability to search their shipment history, save packaging information, track packages and claims, and more.

Overall, the technology places more options in the hands of the customer. The two-fold goal of the improvements is to make the technology more efficient and user friendly.

For more information on Worldwide Express' SpeedShip 2.0 and SpeedFreight 2.0 technology offerings, please contact Jill Diedrich at (972) 850-5865 or via email at

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