WRAPmail CEO purchases 700,000 shares of WRAP on the open market

Shoving commitment to the company beyond taking no salary

Sep 17, 2012, 07:00 ET from WRAPmail, Inc.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- WRAPmail, Inc. (OTC: WRAP) reports that the Chairman and CEO has purchased 700,000 shares on the open market over the past few weeks. "I have done this because I want to show my commitment to the company and its shareholders," commented Rolv E. Heggenhougen, Chairman and CEO. "I take no salary and have paid a few hundred thousand dollars to go to work the past few years BUT I have never seen an opportunity such as WRAPmail," continues Heggenhougen.

About WRAPmail:

The basic idea behind WRAPmail is to utilize the facts that almost everyone have websites, social network site(s) and also send emails every day. These emails can become complete marketing tools and help promote, brand, sell and cross-sell in addition to drive traffic to the website and conduct research. WRAPmail is available for free (with 3rd party ads) or for a small license fee at www.wrapmail.com. No routines change as users simply download a toolbar or routes emails via Google or WRAPmail's servers.

WRAPmail also helps search for missing children with every email sent by free users incorporating an RSS feed from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children – see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rolv-e-heggenhougen/finding-missing-children_b_1540866.html

WRAPmail Solutions:

  1. WRAPmail PRO: Free solution with 3rd party ads.
  2. WRAPmail PRO+: Shared solution, $50/user/year, no 3rd party ads.
  3. WRAPmail Enterprise

WRAPmaker and Premade WRAPS:

More than 200 premade templates are currently available for major Network Marketing/Affiliate  Marketing/MLM companies, Real Estate Agents, Business, Scenery, Sports, Holidays and Animals with Social Network Interface and personalization (image, text and links).

Clients can also make 100% custom WRAPS in the WRAPmail dashboard using the WRAPmaker.

Advertising Network:

WRAPmail has its own advertising network  where users can advertise in other user's emails. The concept is a mix between similar models from Facebook and Google but the difference is our focus is email and not websites. An advertiser can have a free account and there's no usage requirement to become an advertiser. Advertisers simply create their ad in the WRAPmail Dashboard; pick City, State, Country and/or Industry of other users for placement of ads. WRAPmail also has a partnership with Market Leverage for utilization of their advertising inventory.

Affiliate Programs – "Make money with every email you send anyway"

The affiliate program does not only pay for new clients signing up but is also designed to share the revenue from 3rd party ads displayed in the free users emails.


WRAPmail is a Google Apps Vendor and also compatible with Google Analytics and Google Chrome/Gmail.

Forward looking statements and risks and uncertainties

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