Wren and School Security: Use of Anonymous Crime Surveys Helps Decipher Fact From Fiction

New Advisory from School Security Experts Explores How Changes in Perception Can Change the Reality of a Safe Campus

Jan 25, 2010, 09:00 ET from Wren

ATLANTA, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As a company dedicated to creating safer learning environments, Wren has seen that one of the greatest challenges School Resource Officers (SROs) experience is sorting out fact from fiction with regards to staff, student and parent perceptions of security issues.  

To help SROs distinguish real security threats from perceived threats, Wren advises in the company's latest Bird's Eye View advisory that SROs can use anonymous crime surveys with students, parents, teachers and administrators to reconcile perception and reality in their school.

According to Wren education security expert Jeff Floreno, the findings of a properly administered crime survey can make a huge difference. "In today's world, perception is reality.  People react to and make decisions based on what they believe to be true. If students feel unsafe because of an unfounded but perceived dangerous threat, they are going to behave oddly or in ways that distract from their education.  In this and other cases, it is not the security programs that need to be changed, but rather the perception that needs to be corrected to redirect attention, calm fears, and refocus attention on the real problems."

The article discusses the benefits of conducting a survey and offers tips on how to create an effective and successful survey, which SROs can reference when proposing an anonymous survey program to their school administrators for review and approval.

To further help SROs with this process, the company offers the Wren Crime Climate Survey, a free online survey tool that can be easily and anonymously administered by SROs, principals and other staff to capture information from a variety of perspectives. For more information, please visit http://budurl.com/j5hp.

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