WRMT Set To Secure First Revenues As It Unveils Its LUMINA™ Augmented Reality Glasses, Exclusively Through WOR(l)D Distribution Partners, At The Opening Of Its Miami Office

Apr 27, 2015, 11:32 ET from World Media and Technology Corp. from ,Power Clouds, Inc.



MIAMI, April 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- World Media and Technology Corp. (www.worldmediatech.com) (OTCQB: WRMT) today announces that its exclusive sales and distribution partner companies operating under the WOR(l)D Global Network  (www.worldgn.com) umbrella commenced sales of LUMINA coinciding with the formal opening of its Miami office on the 23- 26th of April 2015.

LUMINA smart glasses, developed by WRMT, provide the wearer with an unprecedented, high quality, wire-free, infotainment experience delivering a high-resolution, wide screen binocular display with built-in stereo sound.  All of this is packed into a wearable device that is surprisingly light and comfortable to wear.

LUMINA™ employs the latest and most powerful, commercially available technology in the market today.  LUMINA's see-through, binocular display offers a screen size from 51" to a massive 420" enabled by LUMINA's™ Infinity View Technology. Its high-speed performance comes from MediaTek's octa-core MTK 6595 CPU. It has a 13MP camera, gyroscopes, accelerometers, compass, GPS, 2 microphones full HD video recording and revolutionary new bone conduction speakers. LUMINAalso comes equipped with its own data storage, streamlined battery and is also pre-installed with its Cloud Based Media and Communication platform pre-configured to provide a suite of communication services including videoconference, webinar and telephony solutions. Despite being loaded with all of this cutting edge technology, LUMINAweighs only 135g (less than 5 ounces).

Leading the LUMINAproject, WRMT SVP for Technology Product Development, Alfonso Cioffi, suggests that, "LUMINAbrings an innovative approach to wearable technology that is radically different from existing options available today. LUMINA is the first device that works independently from tablets or computers that competitive products must be linked with in order to operate. Being a wire-free device, LUMINA allows users to work, play and study with comfort and ease. This device is truly radical and positions WRMT as one of the top ten players in the world's wearable tech industry.  We are thrilled to have achieved so much in such a short time and we look forward to shipping our feature rich, technology loaded LUMINA™ glasses to end users later this month."

WRMT's Chief Executive, Fabio Galdi, added that, "LUMINA™ is the result of a truly committed and capable team delivering market beating wearable technology that stands out from all others. LUMINA™ now sets the standard for a more comfortable and easier way to work, communicate and be entertained that appeals to people of all ages, cultures and walks of life. Improving people's everyday lives, offering unequalled business opportunities and creating revolutionary products are the focus of WOR(l)D. LUMINA™ is just such a product and is an unprecedented solution to communication, collaboration and work needs in single product. It represents an extraordinary opportunity for the business, entertainment and communications industry.  We strongly believe that it will drive the wearable technology market moving forward."

For product details, please see: http://www.worldmediatech.com/lumina-glasses/

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