W.S. Tyler Delivers The Perfect Meshing of Color and Design

Jan 14, 2014, 12:49 ET from W.S. Tyler

MENTOR, Ohio, Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Forget the concept of a static building facade that remains the same year after year and envision the design possibilities of exteriors where color, texture, transparency and light can all be incorporated to create diverse and dynamic building facades.  W.S. Tyler USA Architectural Design Group provides three customizable woven stainless steel wire mesh products that allow design professionals virtually limitless options to create one-of-a-kind facades for both commercial new construction and renovation.

With an extensive array of colors and weaves, the depth of the company's product line gives architects and building owners an unparalleled selection of versatile, adaptable exterior facade treatments. Offerings include painted stainless steel wire mesh, a process pioneered by W.S. Tyler, which can be used to display graphics, logos and customized scenes; plastic  (PET) color-coated wire mesh to completely transform the exterior appearance and color of a building facade; and IMAGIC WEAVE®, which is a combination of high grade stainless steel wire mesh and the latest LED technology designed to produce individualized, programmable lighting effects and digital video displays on building exteriors.

W.S. Tyler's painted stainless steel wire mesh was selected by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects to meet the dual challenges of security and neighborhood homogeneity for the LAPD parking structure and motor pool maintenance facility in an urban Los Angeles setting. Situated in the downtown mixed-used area with a rapidly expanding arts community, painted facade panels were incorporated into the design of the building facade. The metal mesh veils the activities within the structure, yet also blends into the streetscape with an aesthetically pleasing green leaf pattern.

The mesh is painted with an overlay of larger and smaller leaf-like patterns in two different shades of green, with some areas of the pattern left unpainted. This allowed the architect to take advantage of the natural sparkle and reflective quality of the unpainted stainless steel.  The painted mesh is suspended from the building by a series of more than 150 pipe struts around the cantilevered walkways of the various parking levels.

According to Claudia Kessner, senior associate, John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects, Inc., "The customer did not want to end up with something that looked like a dark concrete box.  People are interested in colors, lighting and images to create depth and variety.  We considered fabric as an option, but would have had to deal with fading and durability. The reaction to the structure by people in the neighborhood has been amazing. They don't always realize it is a parking deck."

Another unique color option in the W.S. Tyler portfolio is its PET plastic coated stainless steel woven wire mesh, which delivers an infinite array of possibilities with numerous pattern and color options. PET Plastic coated mesh can span an entire facade or be used in small sections. Wires can be coated in different colors and woven horizontally or vertically to create a completely distinctive appearance. And, it doesn't fade or discolor over time ensuring the longevity of the facade.

"We constantly examine different ways to visually enhance buildings and give them their own unique character – be it through the large variety of mesh types we offer or our unparalled range of colored facade options," said Wendy DeCapite, Sales Manager, Architectural Products, W.S. Tyler. "By weaving wires of different colors vertically or horizontally, or adding light and technology we can create something truly spectacular."

With W.S. Tyler's transparent media facade, IMAGIC WEAVE®, architects and building owners are able to create an interactive facade capable of communicating with the surrounding area while serving as the building's second skin. IMAGIC WEAVE is a combination of architectural wire mesh and state-of-the-art LED technology from Traxon Technologies, an Osram Business, that provides a completely customizable approach to building facades, providing an option that may change daily or endlessly. The wire mesh and integrated LED profiles provide a virtually endless combination of colors, patterns and light – not on a flat panel HDTV – but on a building facade. The slim LED-profiles are discreetly installed on the back of the mesh making them nearly invisible from the front; when no content is being displayed, the IMAGIC WEAVE media screen appears as an elegant stainless steel facade. The Windows-based system is designed to play all standard video- and picture- formats from an indoor control cabinet. And as facades continue to become the focus of new media communication, IMAGIC WEAVE provides large-scale imaging video capability that accentuates not only the appearance of a building, but also its functionality.

W.S. Tyler delivers the most comprehensive range of metal fabrics in the industry with environmentally responsible solutions that provide natural ventilation, weather protection and sun control in addition to superior aesthetics. The interaction of artificial light, daylight, transparency and color ensures the stylistic effects of a facade change continually. W.S. Tyler woven wire mesh is manufactured to specification for each project to ensure each client receives the unique look and performance they require.

For more information about W.S. Tyler's architectural mesh and unique facade capabilities, visit www.weavingideas.net.

About W.S. Tyler
For more than 140 years, W.S. Tyler has been a leader in manufacturing, engineering, design and fabrication of woven wire cloth/mesh. Located in Mentor, Ohio, the company offers an exciting contemporary design option to the construction marketplace. By integrating leading technology into its metal mesh fabrics, W.S. Tyler is able to deliver high-performing, durable solutions for building facades, wall cladding, security, solar shading, creative metallic art and a range of other applications for both new and retrofit construction. A member of the HAVER & BOECKER Group, W.S. Tyler is backed by a strong global presence.  For more information visit www.weavingideas.net.